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  1. I am glad you have a ride again We should go for a ride once I get my stubborn CRF to cooperate.
  2. I'll be placing my order:thumbsup:
  3. +1:thumbsup:
  4. I opted for a Rekluse Pro on my '05 450X. I have nothing but good things to say about it. You will not be dissapointed:thumbsup:
  5. I swapped the cam on mine in '05. From the stock '05 CRF450X cam to the stock '05 CRF450R cam. Direct bolt on with no other mods or adjustments needed. Still going strong:ride:
  6. +1 on the Rekluse PRO
  7. Only a Californian...
  8. The Moose kit does not compare to the JD kit. I have both and the JD is the one I keep in the bike;) The Moose kit that I have goes up to a 170 on the main. Are You sure it is the 450x kit? 165 seems to work for most.
  9. My bike came with an adjustable fuel screw. All you need to do is turn it! +1 on Jetting
  10. Just because the pump is rated at 3 gpm does not mean that is what you are using. Just like an electrical circuit that is rated at 25amps, does not mean u r using that all he time. You would be surprised to see how little water it actually takes. 10gal should be fine to get i fairly clean.
  11. Here is a starting point 4 U. JD red needle 4 clip (middle) 165 main jet 45 pilot 65 leak jet 1 3/4 turns out on the fuel screw Also make sure that the Accelerator pump timing has not been messed up! GOOD LUCK!
  12. Just installed mine and I love it! Easy to install, just make sure the fricsion plates go back in the same way they came out. There is a first and last plate that is not the same as the rest. There is also notches for oil to get trough to be aware of...
  13. I have a honda 450x and just got these DNA wheels. Does anyone know if excel spacers and bearings are compatible with the DNA hubs? Or am I sol:(
  14. Just got some DNA wheels. There seems to be some play on the rear wheel when moving it side to side in the swingarm, more than the stock set-up. (1mm - 2mm). Has anyone else noticed this on these wheels? Will I need a spacer on the front for the tripmeter? Ya, I know I could mount the wheel on the bike and know for sure:bonk: but, my forks are still at Progressive suspension which makes it a little harder to do.