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  1. DrtBkeRyder4

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Heres my '06 KX250f from New Zealand, just gave her a tidyup with new plastics and graphics. Few mods, 290cc kit, Wiesco hi-comp piston. ProCircuit cams, valves and valve springs. ProTaper triple clamps, Sunline bars, White Bros Aluminium Pro exhaust, SM Pro rims, talon hubs and a few other bits and pieces
  2. DrtBkeRyder4

    What brand of Big Bore kit is this? Wiseco?

    Cheers, I've found the parts on eBay, but just want to confirm they work with the bore I have
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to do a full rebuild on my 2006 Kx250f with 290 kit on it, still runs sweet just more of a piece of mind thing. Was told when I bought it that it was a Wiseco bore, but just wanting to confirm before I buy replacement parts. Have tried googling the part numbers on it but no luck, just wondering if anyone on here would know. Here's a pic Cheers
  4. DrtBkeRyder4

    2007 Yz250f

    Damn, That things nice. The white looks real good. You'll have a blast
  5. DrtBkeRyder4

    Engine Screws Missing, Help A Noob

    Thank you, was worried for a bit. Cheers mate
  6. DrtBkeRyder4

    Engine Screws Missing, Help A Noob

    heres the pic
  7. Ok, While this may seem a stupid question to some i am not very mechanically minded so here goes. I went for a trailride yesterday, everything went sweet, came home and gave the bike a quite hose down. Today I went to go change the oil and I noticed a few screws missing from places, these holes all have threads so i figure screws are supposed to go in them. I had just had the engine rebuilt by a qualified mechanic so I firgured all would be sweet. Here are some pics showing where they are missing. Thanks in advance for any help, Cheers
  8. DrtBkeRyder4

    YZ250F Street-legal, SM Conversion, need help!

    Put up some pics showin us how the projects going
  9. DrtBkeRyder4

    2003 4th gear explosion

    Ok, I just bought an 03 YZ250F with a few mods. Today was my first day using it and i took it out for a trail ride. Everything was running sweet until when i was about 3/4 of the way back and on a straight, in 4th or 5th gear (Can't remember), then i heard a loud banging sound , like two pieces of metal hitting and then the rear wheel locked up. So I pulled the clutch in and came to a rolling stop. The kickstart wouldn't push down and the gear selector wouldn't move an inch. I had only been riding for about 2hrs. I ended up getting towed by my mate (on a reliable CRF230 might I add) by holding the clutch in. I bought the bike off a dealer and it had been well maintained eg; oil every 5hrs, oil filter every 10. The bike has never been raced and had about 10hrs on new piston and rings. The dealer is going to fix it but i would like to know if this is a similar kind of thing that happened to other people? Cheers
  10. DrtBkeRyder4

    wr 450 07

    Hey i was just wondering how often you would need 2 change oil and check valve clearances on tht?
  11. DrtBkeRyder4

    wr 450 07

    Hey i was just wondering how often you would need 2 change oil and valve clearances on tht?
  12. DrtBkeRyder4

    What bike to buy after crf150

    trail rides and for use as city transport, im 13(14 in jan) and will use as road legal when 15, im 5'9 -5'10, 180lbs, begineer-ish riding skill (been riding for 1 year). i was think wr250f maybe, but dont know about maintenance, cheers for the help
  13. DrtBkeRyder4

    What bike to buy after crf150

    i want something road legal, and not a mad moto-x bike
  14. DrtBkeRyder4

    What bike to buy after crf150

    i dont want high maintence and i dont want a lump of a bike. crf230 Rider, im 5" 9
  15. ok now i know this question has probably been asked a few times bt i cant find it anywhere. so what bike do u think would be good after a crf150 appart from the crf230 as i think i would want more power than that on my next bike cheers