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  1. AL 101

    DR Z 400E No Power, feels like 10 H.P.

    I just bought this bike knowing it did not run good.The bike has 10k miles and the original ownerl told me the bike ran ran great then a second later it had no power. The bike starts OK but sounds a little raspy (backfires a little at the exhaust) and has very little power like top speed is probably only about 40 mph.Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank,AL
  2. Checked compression 70 psi. Checked compression with auto decompression blocked and now 150 psi. I checked valve clearance and cam timing (all OK) I inspected carburetor slide,needle,jets,and everything looks OK I checked air filter and muffler and found no restrictions. No fuel restrictions to carburetor. Cr8e spark plug looks good.(good spark) Installed new rectifier.(now 13.5 volts at battery when running) The bike feels like it only has 10 horsepower. I would like to check ignition timing but I don't know how. Does anyone have advice on what I should check next,Thank You in advance.
  3. AL 101

    Broken CRF 450 Clutch Plates

    sorry I do not have a camera with me but both times the inner friction plate broke,for example a 30 degree section broke free from the friction plate.six months a go I replaced the stock outer basket with a hinson basket and also replaced the inner hub and pressure plate. thanks AL
  4. I have a problem with my 2002 crf 450 clutch.I bought the bike new and about six months ago I installed a Hinson outer clutch basket and genuine Honda clutch center and pressure plate.(the clutch worked great for six months)Yesterday I had no free play at the clutch lever or any adjustment left at the cable so I installed new friction and steel plates.The inner friction plate I removed was broken.After installing the new clutch plates I rode the bike for about five minutes. I lost all the free play at the lever again.I inspected the clutch and noticed the inner friction plate broke again.I inspected the outer basket,clutch center,pressure plate and did not notice any indentations or abnormal wear,every thing at the clutch looked good please help because I have no idea what the problem is. thanks AL