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  1. Here we go again. I grew up in Southern Cal and like here its the locals that live in the riding areas that think its there personal dumping grounds. A bunch of white trash. Us the riders that need to make sure we ride on trail and always bring out more trash then we take in. And always remember don't let your kids chew on there plastic fenders and get lead posioning.
  2. I ride solo and camp solo a lot. I always have my camel back with cell and other supplies. I gave up on my friends a long time ago. Just ride within your skills and ride where you have cell coverage.
  3. TE570

    Help picking out a welder?

    Check to see if your dryer is 220, if so this will be you best bet. I have a Lincoln SP-175 Plus and love it. You can run gas or not, gas gives you a lot nicer welds.
  4. TE570

    I need help

    I am looking for a after market oversized tank for my 01 TE570 any info would be great.
  5. I like to find some low key desert races in northern CA. or the Reno area.
  6. TE570

    SM 610 service indicator

    Call Dan at MotoXotica in ca. 1-707-446-4282, He really knows his stuff.
  7. TE570

    Brown targets off-road vehicles

    Take 5 minutes and send Mr. Brown a reply. We all know he is a a-hole but we have to take the higher ground and get the message across.
  8. Looking for after market sources for husky parts, in the U.S. Would like to get some radiator guard for my 2001 TE570.