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    yz250f for off road? What mods?

    Thanks guys for all of the comments. I moved to California from Michigan and knew nothing of green or Red stickers. I did not do enough research on the 250f. A friend told me that since it was a 4 stroke it would get a green sticker. Too stupid and excited to get it home to ask the dealer. HAHA. Problem is my wife would kill me if I sold my bike that we just paid 5000+ for. The thing is she wouldnt notice if I added some mods. As you all know as soon as you take them off the floor they loose resale. Thanks again guys.
  2. Hello everybody. Well to start things out I'm 30 years old and havn't ridden in years. Never too seriously. I puchased a new 2004 yz250f a year and a half ago. I love the bike and have gone to the local track a few times. I live in California and was invited to do some trail ridding in the mountains. What an awesome time I had. Now I am wishing that I had purchased an off road bike instead of a mx bike. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could add to get better off road riding. It seemed that I was shifting all the time. The terrain is steep and rutted. Not too much open space, but I would like to find a happy medium for when I go somewhere that is a little more open. In a couple of these steep ruts a kept stalling out. It is difficult trying to restart on a very steep hill. Probably just me but if there is anthuing you could suggest please let me know. I also would like to put a headlight on this bike. Would a wr light work? Thanks for your time riders.