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  1. andy47

    Please help with setup Crf450 -03

    Thanks guys appreciate it a lot! I will try this if it wasn't for that snow that appeared from the sky yesterday .. But hopefully it will melt away in a couple of days. Shawn_Mc: just send me the bill
  2. Hi I'm a newbie here and I would like to ask a question about the suspension on my Crf450 -03 that i just bought for a few weeks ago. The suspension is all stock, but does anybody have a suggestion where I should start. I'm not that fast and I ride only track for now. (I'm planning on some riding in the woods too, but that's a later issue ) So where should I start with all clicks for compression and rebound, sag, spring rate and all that?? Right now I think the bike just trows me around from side to side when it gets bumpy I weigh about 198lbs All answers are appreciated