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  1. acefreely

    Suzuki Reliability ?

    The only bikes I have ever owned have been Suzuki, both street and dirt. Since my first bike, a '94 RM125, I have never had any trouble at all with my Suzukis. Since they have been so great I just keep buying them. With the exception of a CR500 I can't see myself buying anything other than Suzuki. They have just been great bikes. Also my co-worker has had several 4-wheelers and dirtbikes. All he will buy is Suzuki. When I asked him why he said that they last forever. I agree.
  2. acefreely

    Blue Plastic Tank for S

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a blue plastic tank for an 05 S? The stock style like the E uses would be great.
  3. acefreely

    Are you happy with you trc exhaust???

    Which model are you guys buying? I am unable to find one that specifies the DRZ400... Can someone post a link?
  4. acefreely

    How do I tame this beast!!?

    Yeah but then you lose that extreme powerband! That's where it's at! My advice, take it "easy" for a while. Get used to it and you'll love it. Also when you go riding with your "homies" that ride the honda 2-smokers you can let them ride yours to impress them! By buddy hopped off his CR250 and onto mine and was like DAMN! He couldn't believe the power. Couldn't keep the wheel on the ground! Just adds to the adrenaline!
  5. acefreely

    just ordered white bros exhaust

    Does anyone have a link to the TRC model that works with the DRZ400? I am finding the RC3, but having trouble finding TRC for DRZ400...
  6. acefreely

    2 vs 4

    RM250 is definately not the "trick" for woods riding if you don't have any experience. Between the two, I prefer the RM250. I love the agressive power band.
  7. acefreely

    96 rm 250 gas mix

    Yes and no... It's a good mix if you ride hard and use up your gas quickly. Otherwise and probably recommended are the racing synthetics, which don't separate from the fuel if stored (castor oils separate from gas when stored). I really like the Spectro synthetic racing 2-cycle oil. I have tuned my carb for it and it is sweet, internals are clean and bike runs strong at 32:1, also no splooge! -Ace
  8. acefreely

    3x3 Mod and Re-jet advice please

    The screwdriver from the toolkit stripped my screws...Burns told me to pick up a JIS screwdriver which was the answer to my problems. Your definately right about replacing the screws with hex heads. I did that as well and it's so much easier to get work on the carb now.
  9. acefreely

    3x3 Mod and Re-jet advice please

    Make sure to pick up a JIS screw driver (I think that is what it was called, thanks Burned!)... The tiny brass screws in the carb were a b!tch to get out without one!
  10. acefreely

    HELP! RM250 is TOO FAST!

    I believe it's the way the bike is tuned, the powerband comes on early and quick but isn't as broad as say a CR250. The result is a nitrous type kick when it hits. I am used to it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Makes the bike so fun to ride and gets the adreneline going!
  11. acefreely

    Kick Stand Kill Switch

    Thats probably the best way I removed the kill switch thingy, cut and stripped the two wires, sodered them together, then taped them up real good with black electrical tape. A little sloppier, but works fine.
  12. acefreely

    Graphics Kit for 2005 S

    Yeah I noticed that last night, what a bunch of crap. Oh well, I'll see if I can replace the others.
  13. acefreely

    RM250 vs. DR-Z400S??

    I may throw an exhaust on it, but that'll be about it. I am just not interested in it as much since I got the RM250. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bike, but a different beast altogether. Matter of fact I wish I would have bought a brand new RM250 instead of the DRZ400S.
  14. acefreely

    Graphics Kit for 2005 S

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a grapics kit for my 2005 DRZ400S? Also any tips for removing the stock grapics?
  15. acefreely

    RM250 vs. DR-Z400S??

    I live in Kentucky, but I hope it never happens here or anywhere for that matter. The day I am not allowed to ride my beloved 2-smoker is the day that I shed many a tear. I have never tried them but my friend tells me there are green, quite silencers. I am curious as to whether these are quite and how much power they rob. I don't recall ever hearing a quite 2-stroke...