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  1. Well I was all set to buy a used 09 TE 450 within the next week, but before I bought it I wanted to go see the new TE 449 in person. So yesterday I went by my local dealer to see the new bike in person and I have to say it was love at first site. I mean this thing just looked sweet to me !! Ok so I start to talk to the salesman and I tell him I am thinking of buying a used 09 TE 450 as I have missed my 08 TE 450 since I sold a few years back. Of course he starts to tell me how much better the new 449 is compared to the 08 (I loved my 08 450 BTW). Anyway to make a long story short I made the dealer an offer and I ended up taking the bike home for $7,500 OTD. I don't know if it was a great deal but I think I got a good deal considering how much the MSRP was on it. I asked them to lower the bike as much as they could at the dealership (I have a 30" inseam) but when I sat on it today I can only touch the ground with the tips of my toes !! My previous 08 TE 450 had been lowered a bit and I could touch the ground on that bike, but this 449 seems to be taller than my 450 was. I did not have much time to sit on the bike before I bought it as it was buried in the middle of other bikes and they had taken it into the shop to lower it for me. As I was paying for the bike the salesman and my friend put the bike in the truck so I did not get a chance to sit on it before I took it home but I did not think it was a big deal as I figured it would be about the same as my 450 ..... Wrong !! Anyway I am hoping that I can get it lowered at least another inch. I will call the dealership tomorrow to see what they did to lower it as they are closed today. Any ideas on how to lower it further would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  2. viperbsd

    2008 TE510 pricing

    I don't know about the 510 but I was quoted $7,600 OTD for a brand new 08 TE450 by a local dealer here in Sacramento last month. I ended up buying a 08 TE450 with 137 miles and some extras for $6,450 I would think that you should be able to get a better deal than what they are offering. I am not a very big fan of my local Husky dealer here in Sacramento as they deal with multiple brands and always seem to put the Husky's in the back which is one of the reasons I drove all the way up to Salem Oregon to pick up the one I got. Trust me you will love the TE:worthy:
  3. viperbsd

    Trailtech Vapour install

    Are these a lot better than the ones that come stock on the 08 TE's ?
  4. viperbsd

    Ims Tank Range (2008 Te)

    I was not aware that there was an after market tank for the 08 FI TE's As I understand it the fuel pump is installed in the gas tank so I am guessing that it will need to be removed and put into the IMS tank correct ? Can someone please post a picture of the IMS tank installed on a 08 TE so we can see what they look like. Thanks Jeff
  5. Yep I just ordered the 1" myself. Should be herer by next weekend:banana:
  6. Just what I needed. I will need to get a new staple gun and than I am going to do this for sure
  7. Any pics or instuructions on how to do this ? I can only imagine what my seat would look like if I went it on my own:lol: If I am able to find a "how to" on the seat shaving or if you can provide some tips I may give it a go. I will also order a 1" Kuba Link so that will make a big difference.
  8. Well I just recently bought a 08 TE450 and wow is this bike tall. Anyway I am 5' 7" and weigh right around 170lbs so as you can imagine I am doing the tip toe thing on this bike. I just wanted to see if there are any other short guys like myself riding these tall bikes and if so did you lower it at all ? I am used to riding tall bikes as I used to ride a CR400 about 10 years ago, but I don't remember it being this tall. I still love the bike and I seem to manage ok as long as i don't end up stopping on a hill. Does Kuba sell a lowering link for this bike and if so does it affect the suspension at all ?
  9. viperbsd

    2008 TE 510 With a Corbin Seat

    Please post pics as I am thinking of putting one on my 08 TE450
  10. viperbsd

    DRZ400sm Non CA Gas Cap Needed

    I got the complete set of OEM plastics and the gas tank from a guy on E-bay except the gas cap of course. I will be selling my complete Yellow sm plastics, tank and seat as soon as I get this gas cap issue resolved. It appears that I may have found another TT member that needs a CA gas cap and is willing to trade me for his non CA gas cap.
  11. viperbsd

    DRZ400sm Non CA Gas Cap Needed

    I will call the local dealer tomorrow to see how much it will cost to get a non CA cap OEM. I dont mind having 2 keys if needed, but I would rather not have to buy yet another tank as I already have 2.
  12. Well I just bought all the OEM plastics and gas tank to change my yellow 06 DRZ400sm to Black. The only problem is that the gas tank I bought did not come with a gas cap and the gas cap on my yellow CA tank does not fit the non Ca gas tank I just bought Does anybody know where I can get a non Ca gas cap for a DRZ400sm ???
  13. viperbsd

    New Husqvarna owner!

    Congrats on the new bike and welcome to the club I just picked up an 08 TE450 myself and can't wait until I pick it up on Monday. I will have to take it easy for a while as well since I have not been riding for about 10 years now. Post some pictures of your bike so we can see it. Enjoy your new ride
  14. viperbsd

    Finally got one !!!

    Ya I had a feeling it would not last long with that "buy it now" I have been trying to find one local, but not of the dealers in my area would budge on the price and this one appeared to be as good as new so I pulled the trigger. I used to have a Husky 2 stroke in the late 70's (Showing my age here) and I have owned many other bikes since, but i have never forgotten that old 2 stroke and now I am just thrilled to be a member of the Husky family once again:thumbsup:
  15. viperbsd

    Finally got one !!!

    I have been drooling over the 08 TE's for almost a year now and today I finally got one !! It is a 2008 TE40 with 137 miles and I will pick her up on Monday Here is a link to the bike I got http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300263049425 Trust me I could not find a local dealer here in California that could come close to this price so I jumped on this one. Now I just need to find out if there is a way to lower it a little as I am only 5' 7 and 175 lbs. I will be spending a lot of time in these forums over the next few days to learn as much as I can about my new to me TE. I will be posting my 06 DRZ400sm for sale in the classifieds soon.