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  1. jlm996s

    9 Hour Cup race report

    Trampas was putting on a show when he rode! Super nice guy too!
  2. jlm996s

    Rekluse z start pro clutch

    I have one in my 250r and it's great! I am a much better woods rider b/c of it.
  3. jlm996s

    thumb throttle on a dirt bike

    I put one on my mine. No issues....except I catch crap from other riders.
  4. jlm996s

    Buy Flatland Radiator Guards...

    I just put a set on the other day. The left side fit perfectly, the right side I had to work a little bit to get to bolt up. Everyone around here swears by them.
  5. jlm996s

    Rekluse Pro Install

    I bought a used Rekluse Pro and a couple parts were missing. Does anyone know if the C200 wave spring is used or needed?
  6. I saw Jimmy at a local track this past fall. He can flat out ride. It was awesome watching him in person.
  7. Is this the same team that Jimmy Albertson is riding for this year?
  8. jlm996s

    Thumb Throttle

    Hey BVS, did you ever put the quad brake master cylinder on?
  9. jlm996s

    Rekluse and stock basket

    I'm wanting a Rekluse for my 07, but am concerned about stock basket. Anybody have problems with them cracking or breaking with the Rekluse?
  10. jlm996s

    Thumb Throttle?

    I just put a thumb throttle on my 07 CRF250R and I really like it so far. I used a 400ex throttle and an 06 TRX450R cable. The reason I went with the 400ex throttle is b/c the spring is a little softer and easier on the thumb. Some of the newer 450 quads have wires on the throttle for throttle positioning sensors...the older 400exs do not...so I didn't have to worry about that either. For the extra cable hole on the carb, I just used another 10mm bolt to plug it up. The only real problem I had, like others before me, was the front brake master cylinder getting in the way of the throttle. I might take the front brake master cylinder off my TRX450R to see if works better with the thumb throttle. As far as the carb slide sticking wide open, I'm really not too worried about that. A lot of guys that owned 04/05 TRX450Rs would buy dirt bike FCR carbs and use them instead of the stock carbs without any problems.
  11. I can't believe I read through 8 pages of this crap:bonk: .