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  1. ya go with the je 13.5:1.im running that in my 05,all stock on 91 octane,runs strong no hesitation
  2. how many of u guys are going to the poker run in barstow this october 28th and 29th?cant wait to take my 450 out there and have sum fun.ive been hearing from family that it is really fun.
  3. i run shell rotella t in both sides,heard alot of good things about it,so thats the way i go now
  4. i just recently put the je 13.5:1 in my stock bike,it runs beautifully even on pump gas.plus it is so much better made,extra oiling holes,etc...
  5. im curious what does it cost to send ur head off to rhc and get valves,springs and porting?
  6. does it really help prevent hot stalls??
  7. motosport is too expensive.go to generationmx.com,they have everything and are cheaper
  8. today i took off the left side cover and i found a piece of metal laying in the bottom.it turns out it broke off of that notch that holds the cam chain guide.only about half of it is gone.theres probably over a quarter inch left.it looks like plenty to hold it in cus it cant move up or down.what would cause this,i know i didnt break it.
  9. oil threads are stupid.half the people will say they use honda oil and honda trans. oil,the other half will say rotella t.just search you will have plenty of reading to do.
  10. thats what i was thinking
  11. has anyone else put a hole on the inside of their right boot from starting their 450.i have 2 now and its making me mad.first it was chewing the hell out of the bottom from my boot hitting the peg,took off good chunks.so i turned my foot out so it wouldnt hit the peg on the way down.i afraid to get alpinestars cus i dont want to rip the side of them.oh ya i have cheap fox tracker boots.are more expensive boots better reinforced?
  12. i just finished putting a new piston on my 05 450.i put the JE 13.5:1 in.wow...started right up and it has some power.
  13. this weekend im going to put in the je 13.5 to 1 piston in.what gas should i run in it?would 91 octane be good,or race gas?
  14. it makes it louder cus its deflecting the noise back up towards you.
  15. a question about ss filters,ive heard they dont filter as good as paper ones,meaning the ss filters let bigger particles through.is this something to worry about?