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  1. InRoostWeTrust

    350 se shock oil weight ?

    5wt us corrrct. Amsoil Shock Therapy works great. Burp out ALL the air bubbles!
  2. InRoostWeTrust

    350 fuel pump

    Weird, I have a new OEM pump in my parts stash and I'm 99% sure it has the sensor. Not sure why they woudn't include it - I don't think ya can buy it separate...going to now look on the parts fich.
  3. InRoostWeTrust

    350 fuel pump

    That's a thermister or better yet, your low-fuel sensor.
  4. InRoostWeTrust

    KTM 520 exc piston

    You might want to post your pictures and questions on the www.ktmtalk.com site. They have several very knowledgable engine builders commonly watching/posting and they commonly provide excellent feedback. Thumpertalk is a good site, but not filled with professionals to really help. Looks to me that your piston is usable BUT the crank/crank bearings/connecting rod maybe damaged (need to be checked) due to the collision with the head/valves. Best of luck!
  5. InRoostWeTrust

    Airbox Mod Causing Starting Issues?

    Maybe you have a poor spark? Try a fresh plug and in the sparkplug cap there is a resistor under the brass insert (should have screwdriver slot) - replace this with a brass or copper rod of same size and then try... the resistor can create problems or can be dirty. I pulled mine off my '94 DRS and it didn't seem to cause any odd electrical noise on anything, and I think the plug us a resistor style anyway.
  6. InRoostWeTrust

    Airbox Mod Causing Starting Issues?

    Oil is being pumped when kicking - slowly, but its pumping.
  7. InRoostWeTrust

    Airbox Mod Causing Starting Issues?

    Don't forget about the pilot fuel screw (located between carb and intake manifold) - opening it will feed more fuel when starring and is an adjuster for off-idle performance.
  8. InRoostWeTrust

    Airbox Mod Causing Starting Issues?

    Airbox has nothing to do with starting. Considering you have a pumper carb, twisting the throttle a few times will throw fuel in head making possibly run for just a moment. Check pilot jet and clean all air circuits. Your idle may be too low, so hold the throttle open just a little when starting too. Airbox will influence the main jet and needle further up the RPM range. Stock 350 had a 27.5 pilot, so your 30 should be a good starting point.
  9. InRoostWeTrust

    2017 KTM 500 WIRING

    Just electrical tape wrapped around ground/power/etc unions - each union of 2 or more wires joined are crimped and potted in a plastic sleeve with what seems to be like plastic from a hot glue gun. Just an FYI of what's in there in case you are wondering or need to access the ugly wiring bundle.
  10. InRoostWeTrust

    Blown motor seal

    Would love to see pix of the piston (top & bottom) and your rocker arm tips if you took any. How do the rocker arm shafts look? Any wear you can catch a finger nail on?
  11. InRoostWeTrust

    Blown motor seal

    Did that piston fail while pouring the coals it or just tooling along - just curious. Also wonder how many other 500 pistons have been swapped or failed and the history info on each. Keep-up with the good work and thanks for posts!
  12. ...well, its MUCH better than the stock vent routing that dumps raw fuel on the header pipe.
  13. I have the 11l Acerbis tank and added some custom-cut rubber to the shrouds that rest up upon the sides of the radiators to help direct some air through the rads. Few weeks back I added thermal heat tape to the tank to maybe help minimize heat transfer to my fuel as the fuel boiled at elevation - it was a hot day, with elevation, and a fuel cap vent that wasn't venting out (added a proper vent line from the cap to near the LH footpeg) - no more problems with boiling (I attribute the fix to proper tank venting). Do a search for a new fan switch using an upgraded BMW temp switch on KTMtalk - more durable and lowers the 'on' switch point.
  14. InRoostWeTrust

    Re Spring EXC-F 500

    Maybe $125 for front springs and $160 for a rear spring... no labor/DIY. Call Slavens and provide them your stats, added bike options (i.e. larger fuel tanks), and ride style.
  15. InRoostWeTrust

    2018 500exc piston.

    Please, more pictures (piston & head) and an explanation of what was done to the bike since it was new.