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  1. aezerskis

    by-by husky!!

    i'm sure i'll be back to husky some day,but not until they get thier act together,and buy that time bmw will have raised the prices by $2000. it's 01/08/2008 and STILL NOT A HUSKY IN THE COUNTRY!pretty dumb marketing by bmw IMHO p.s. ccassidy pm or call me i have some spare parts and a whole bike i'm going to part out
  2. aezerskis

    by-by husky!!

    well after 5 years of racing husky's i have decided to go into the pumpkin patch. enduro season starts in a couple of weeks and i needed a bike.i think that bmw really blew it by holding the bikes back so long.so long txc hello xc-450. now i must go to the orange forum
  3. aezerskis

    kick start kit for my 2005 TC 250

    fugi has a slave on ebay i may also have one in stock if you need it
  4. aezerskis

    Rear brake pedal tip - where to get ?

    i used a tip from an 2001 ktm (must be older style) worked perfect:ride:
  5. aezerskis

    2008 TE's

    i hope they come soon or i might have to buy an ORANGE bike
  6. aezerskis

    TC250 Not hooking up

    100mm = 3.937 inches (4 inches is close enough) no need for a metric tape measure
  7. aezerskis

    TC250 Not hooking up

    i agree, make sure preload is set to 100 mm ,also speed up rebound to push rear wheel down
  8. aezerskis

    Sneak peak, new tail.

    baja designs has a universal fit led light/plate combo fits perfect on tc fender about $75 bucks
  9. aezerskis

    Rode an '08 TXC250 today.

    does the 250 have kicker and button? is there any lighting wiring?
  10. aezerskis

    TC 250f vs KTM 200 EXC? Input?

    ccassid1 i'm happy you liked the tc. don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns
  11. aezerskis

    i need more rev's on 07 te 250!!

    problem with the vortex is that you will lose my stock lighting set up
  12. aezerskis

    i need more rev's on 07 te 250!!

    i have a 05 tc 250, and that bike revs to the moon! i would like it to rev more like a tc. and yes i have done all the "free" mods.
  13. i would like to make 07 te 250 have a higher rev limit.i looked into ignitions from vortex but they no longer make a te box,and jd racing ignitions only makes a tc box.are there any other brands,can the stock box be reprogrammed? any other mods out there?
  14. aezerskis

    Lowering the TE-250

    i had my wife's te lowered 1.5 inches by harvey at ace suspension in p.a. it was the best thing i ever did for one of her bike's. east coast riding. roughly $300 depends on if you need springs
  15. aezerskis

    Thank You Town & Country/Husqvarna

    just bought an 07 te 250 from town and country,awesome place to deal with