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  1. i use a buddys steam claner about once a month and then just our little pressure washere after each ride. the steam claner is wicked it cuts through chain oil on your swing arm and thick mud like nothing.
  2. 91.5 to 93 dodge ram with a cummings plenty of jam for 1 sled or 6.... 18 mpg and your not stuck with a little truck. chicks dig big deisls
  3. help him get girls and get him an older bigger truck (think cowboy)
  4. 91.5 to 93 dodge with a cummings (intercooled) ours has 360000km on it and is still out working new trucks. of corse these are when trucks were trucks not cars with a bed (coughcoughfordcoughcough)
  5. I would have to say that a goose neck is your best bet because it articulates way better than a 5 wheel ( you have to remember goose neck and 5 wheel are not the same at all) and second the goose neck hitch comes in and out way easier than a 5 wheel so you don't loose the utility uses of your truck
  6. OK chaps and chapetts quick couple of questions on my 450x i just did the first valve check and everything seemed good my decompresser was off a bit but i adjusted that. my question is how tight should a feeler gage fit between the exhaust arm and valve the factory spec .11" or whatever it is just fit(very tight) and the intake Seemed to me to fight properly(just slid in there nicely) any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. i laugh when i see the results of this poll. Because i now that lots of people voted ford cause thats what a majority votes. someone who wants to drive a truck goes and buys a f150, really original. everyone is all stoked on the 7.3L powerstroke my second gen dodge has more ballls than it and i cost 1/4 of the price. and those who worry about kidney jarring rides need to man up cause your driving a truck. If you want a smooth ride buy a car.