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  1. I live in newport as well. Race moto x most weekends!
  2. It was a valve spring snapped, lucky enough it didn't damage anything else. KTM said there going to replace the valve as well. Glad i had the 30 days, just hope i dont need it anymore. Pick the bike up either thursday or friday just got to run it in AGAIN!!!!
  3. Dave Hopkins Cheers for the info on the exhaust i'll give it go when i get the bike back! Thinking of getting a new exhaust anyway. Not sure which one yet Akropovic, FMF or Pro Circuit..... As for the 'tappity' noise it was a valve spring snapped. Lucky enough it hasn't done any other damage, but KTM said they will replace the valve as well. Hope to pick the bike up either thursday or friday and run it in. Eventually!!!!
  4. Bought my 250 SXF last thursday, rode it yesterday and it got a really bad top end noise after about an hour of running it in. Took it back to my dealer today as its under warranty. I'll keep you informed when i here anything
  5. I bought a 250SXF last thursday, when i picked it up my dealer told me i had to run it in between 6-8hrs at no more than 50%. Went on it sunday and was doing 30min sessions, about 10mins into the 4th session i heard a rattling noise from the top end of the engine. Took it back to the van to have a look and listen and was none the wiser. Stopped riding! Took the rocker cover off this morning and couldn't see anything obvious, so ended up taking it back to my dealer (3hr drive). They cant look at it til thursday so no racing for me this weekend!!!! As anybody heard of any problems like this? It will still start hot or cold just makes this 'tappity' noise, it was also popping on decel from the beginning! cheers