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  1. She's 5'3", 105lbs. She's done about 1000 miles on her '03 Super Sherpa, half on tarmac, half on dirt (she's got a dirt bike as well). While the Sherpa is perfect for the off-pavement stretches of our adventure rides, she could use something with a bit more top-end for the road. I used to think a lowered BMW F650 would be the ticket, but after our last trip, I'm thinking it's way too heavy (I'm close to dumping my beloved 95GS pig for a 650 Dakar or KLR to shed the weight.). It would be great to get a bike in the 300-325lb. range that could burst to 80-85, cruise at 70, lowered to 32", with a bigger tank and aftermarket screen. Has anyone been able to modify a DRZ400 to that height? Any other suggestions? Oh, it's also got to be an electric start, with 100 or so extra watts for heated clothing. Am I asking too much?