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  1. lots of meat = good to go, imo... I swap rotors with my wheelset all the time on the same pads, i just keep an eye on them.
  2. no kidding... I was all around your area over the Memorial Day weekend... We have some family that have a place in Gulf Shores we visit quite a bit. Some fun riding down there. We always stay out near Ft Morgan during the summer.
  3. Where you located Yama? I'm about an hour west of Bham, hour north of T'loosa in Winfield...
  4. I have a ram mount for my Vista C, works out great. I have other ram attachments for use in the car.
  5. looks good, I did the same on mine. I also swapped the clear bulbs for yellow bulbs so the signal still flashes yellow:thumbsup:
  6. if you switch alot you might want to leave it alone. I got used to mine being shorter... even tho with the 21/18 combo it leans over more on the stand, it is still pretty stable on solid ground. I still tend to look for a rock when i'm on dirt. You might want to try it first. I've learned to trust my sm stand when either wheelset is installed. Somebody should make one that was exactly half the difference between the two.
  7. I have a 01 XLT extra cab 4x4 with step bed, had it since new. I also have 5 speed auto, 4.0 with 4:10's. Gas milage won't be as good with that gearing, but its worth it off-road. I put 265/75-r16 Maxxis buckshots and tweaked the torsion bars about 1" to keep them from rubbing. It leveled the stance of the truck and made it look better. The tires really made getting off-road fun. I don't know what tires you have, but the BFG all terrians mine came from the factory with where junk. The number one upgrade I've done was tires. I also put a over-head console in mine from an Explorer that has therm. and compass. It was a pretty simple install, altho you have to make a small cut in the headliner (takes some balls with a new truck). I've had great luck with my truck, at 6 years old and less than 50k it still looks just like a new one. Hope you enjoy it:thumbsup:
  8. from my experience, the longer the time between switching, the weirder it feels... If I switch back and forth in a week or 2, its not too bad.
  9. I'd stick with the stock size, since the speedo runs off the front... 120/70
  10. No, it won't. Just put that tire on mine.
  11. dang i just saw this, don't check the boards as often as I used to. I hate to hear it. Thanks for posting.
  12. yeah the ram mounts are cool, i use mine in the car too.
  13. 12" are big tires compaired to 8"... I have 8" on my boat trailer and when I wear them out i'm replacing them with 12"... 6 years later, the 8" are still going strong. Its true that smaller tires spin the bearings faster, gotta keep the bearings well packed (and checked often) on the smaller tires.
  14. get the one that calls your name... you can do both with either:thumbsup:
  15. Goebz's stock chain came off his S, so its a 112 link. Stock S is 112, stock SM is 110. From my experience if you want to use the same chain, you can run 15/41 sm - 15/44 dirt with 110 links for higher gearing, or 15/44 sm - 15/47 dirt with 112 links for lower gearing. You can get into more options when you start changing the front sprocket, i'm sure. To me, 41sm is perfect for the street, and 47 is perfect for dirt, but for the ease of the tire swap, I have to make a compromise... which is usually using 44 in the dirt.