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    hey someone help me out please

    Ok my bike died a couple days ago so ive been trouble shooting the problem. wehn i kick the bike i feel almost no resistance lke there is no compression. I also tried starting it down the hill but i got nothing. Someone said that it might be the pressure release valve is stuck or something of that nature. The bike will not get any fire what so ever. I just replaced the spark plug. Does anyone have a picture where they could show me the fuel screw location on an o4 "r" and where the release valve is if there is one. Id appreciate thanks!
  2. i own a crf250r 2004 model that has had trouble starting. i decided that it was just a bad spark plug so i got a new one and adjusted the fuel screw a little. Well it started right up i let it warm up 4 a little bit (not 2 long) and i rode it up the street i heard a pop and it chugged to a stop. i kick it and nothing happens. thers almost no resistance it seems like so no way its startin iv got to get this thing goin anyone know what it could be id appreciate it!