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  1. WR2fitty

    TTR-225 Aftermarket Triple-Clamp?

    So, I have contacted all of the mfg's I could think of and I received a major NADA aint gonna happen... no aftermarket triple clamp for the TTR225/30. Bummer, I thought that this would be a decent market. ohwell..
  2. WR2fitty

    TTR-225 Aftermarket Triple-Clamp?

    So does anyone know if any of the big brands are mfg a upper triple-clamp worth a grain of salt for the TTR225? My wife wiped out over the weekend and bent the bars and tweaked the forks... the triple clamp is weak at best and I would like to replace them with an aftermarket clamp... I really like the BBR stuff and my WR is loaded with it but I cannot find any data on the 225. Thanks a ton!