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    Every second! Dang! I actually thought it was a month for every minute? Well this pass weekend someone cut me off and I got knocked out for 3 minutes. I went to the hospital and got a catscan and everything was alright. They told me to take 6 weeks off.
  2. motox435

    Hard, flat corners

    I ride at this track that has some really hard flat and yet slippery corners. I have no clue what to do around them and every time I go around it I pretty much washout. Any suggestions?
  3. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    anyone else?
  4. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    no not that I know of. I wonder if it can be leaking nitrogen?
  5. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    Yeah after I jump it like for an hour. I dont know maybe it came loose?
  6. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    I dont know. How would you find out?
  7. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    yeah it is adjustable. But the weird thing about is I went out riding and then it like sunk down.
  8. motox435

    Pit bike rear shock

    Hey, my rear shock on my bike keeps on sticking down. Everytime I sit down on it will slowly sink down. Then when I get off it will slowly rise up. What could it be? Thanks
  9. motox435

    $1700, build a bike or buy a knock off?

    get a 110.
  10. motox435

    I81 Motorsports Park

    Thank you very much!
  11. motox435

    I81 Motorsports Park

  12. motox435

    I81 Motorsports Park

    Has anyone ever been to I81 motorsports Park in Tennesse? How is it? Thanks
  13. motox435

    tire leak

  14. motox435

    Normal To Not Use Hot Start?

    I rarely have to use it on my 07.