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  1. Thanks Joe, I can always change my trip to June. I will look into the wenatchee trails
  2. will do! but were to ride? will have the wife and a 2 year old with me. we will be pulling a trailer so camping is a plus. looking for some place to pull in stay the night ride stay the night again and take off to the nest riding area.
  3. Planning a trip from Sac. Ca. to Leavenworth Wa. were to stop and ride on the way? looking for woods riding. Anyone got a good place to ride. looking for a couple of day rides on the way up or back. Thanks
  4. that sucks. i don't have speed channel. i willl just watch from row 13
  5. here's one on craigslist i saw the other night gas gas
  6. i had it done five years ago. your eyes will get tired for a few weeks. you will stop reaching for your glasses in about 2-3 weeks and everything will be fine. sad to say that i have an eye apt. comming up and i think i will be with glasses again
  7. i have a 96 wr great bike, 0 hours on complete top / bottom / plastic. bought it new in oct 96. main bike is yz250f. can't go wrong with a wr 2smoker
  8. cheating is cheating, rules are rules
  9. three tracks one under the 10th st bridge $15 one under thee E st bridge $25 i think + ama card one indoor mini track of off gray thats all i know about
  10. googled it. first one up http://www.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=1343
  11. it will be a couple of years. but his mom asked me a few months ago that when he gets one if she could get one too. so hopefully the we all will be riding
  12. got a new gear bag, a new moose riding jacket, gloves and some other stuff. but then the big one came 6 weeks early on 12/28/05 mom came home last night. garren will be in the NICU for a couple of weeks but is doing well.
  13. i have a 96 and love it. but also have a o5 yzf250. go with a burrly pipe from fmf. but the are great stock. if you ride woods you will love the gears on the wr's and the 3.8 gal tank lets you ride for days and be the fill up bike. everyone said i would be faster on the 250f but i still think i am faster on the wr. way more power. but wears me out on the long rides.
  14. not saying i ride the wr better. the yz is way better in the woods and single track and it woesn't wear you out. just used to pull hills in 4th on wr.