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  1. phoenix-crf

    therapture, help needed

    For some reason he can't post, still. Can someone please, ask about this. He was banned for a flame session in the chatroom the night of the US Open (weeks ago) along with another guy. Brian or Bryan, can you check into this? Banning is understandable, for a normal amount of time, I think it has been long enough?
  2. phoenix-crf

    06 CRF250 Dyno

    Look how flat the power curve is from 9000rpm up.....very nice powerband. Now just make the power curve look the same, but with about 40hp
  3. phoenix-crf

    Compression Stroke or Exhaust Stroke?

    Also correct. That dealer still sucks
  4. phoenix-crf

    Compression Stroke or Exhaust Stroke?

    That's right, it is called a "waste spark ignition system" because even at TDC on the exhaust stroke, with no fuel or air to burn , it fires the spark plug.... That dealer you speak of, sucks.
  5. phoenix-crf

    Where should I send my CRF250R motor to be rebuilt?

    RHC and Forward Motion would be the only two that would ever touch my engine for serious hop up work that I can't do myself....
  6. phoenix-crf

    Rode an RPM 302 CRF.

    in that therefore and hereto, so that in order of the aforementioned physical mention, so that the tuning can be correct on time of run session
  7. phoenix-crf

    Rode an RPM 302 CRF.

    Yes they do mean much, the physics involved is the BIKE, and even RC could toss around a 250F faster and easier than his big beefy 450. And besides, RC isn't even human... If you put RC on say, a 300cc equipped RMZ250 chassis...he would smoke them even worse most likely....
  8. phoenix-crf

    Please help me brothers

    AMEN! I am on the list, because I asked Him to put me on it....
  9. phoenix-crf

    Should I hone cylinder?

    she gets everyones best
  10. phoenix-crf

    Rode an RPM 302 CRF.

    You could spend $10k on the 450F and it will NEVER handle as good as a juiced up 250f (or 125 smoker for that matter). It's all about reciprocating weight, the 450F has more of it, bigger crank, longer stroke, heavier piston, etc., and takes more energy to change it's inertia...which means YOU have to supply more muscle and direction changes WILL be slower, period, there is no beating physics in this game...
  11. phoenix-crf

    Please help me brothers

    Brandon never spoke truer words....
  12. phoenix-crf

    Valvoline Oil for 05 CRF450

    I am a big fan of the Rotella T 15w40 conventional.....the synthetic is GREAT too...
  13. phoenix-crf

    crf250 or crf450

    Oh, I think I can figure it out for myself...I was just wanting to mess with some people's heads....looks like it worked.
  14. phoenix-crf

    Rode an RPM 302 CRF.

    What he said.
  15. phoenix-crf

    Rode an RPM 302 CRF.

    Dude...deal with it, fact is, the CRF250 chassis handles better than the 450F....it is lighter....and the beefed up 302cc "baby" thumper has the power to basically make the 450 almost obsolete for 99% of the riders, since 99% of us can't use all that power anyway. Think power to weight...think reciprocating mass....think handling....the baby thumpers turn quicker, wear you out less, and let you go longer and harder than you could on a 450F....