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    Can you ride off rode motorcycles or is it just 4 wheels. Picked up an 02 KTM and looking to ride in the Spring
  2. Mike944

    New to me 2002 KTM 250EXC

    Is the rear brake banjo bolt a 1.25 pitch or a 1.0 pitch on a 2002 KTM250EXC? Reason being is that I want to add a rear brake light to make it legit (sort of). If someone with more forum knowledge than me wants to move this to the KTM 2 Stroke forum it is fine with me
  3. Picked up an 02 EXC250 for a price that couldn't be passed up, the bike sat for 7 years with an unknown history. My first two stroke in a while. After clearing the fuel tank petcock the bike fired right up but only ran on the choke (sorta expected that). Ran strong though, wheelies without effort in first and second without trying (I'm 57, I don't try to wheelie ). Pulled exhaust to peer into cylinder and the piston looked pretty good. You can even see some horizontal machining lines on the piston (looks sorta new). Nothing significant on the cylinder wall. So here is my question, I bought it with the negotiation that I need at least a top end and maybe a bottom end. Based on the inspection via the exhaust would you bother to open the top or just ride it until it shows indications of needing a top end? The pic peering into the exhaust is horribly out of focus but shows no sign of blow by the rings. I believe there is supposed to be an O ring on the exhaust spigot, there was none and that's what I'm blaming for the oil mess at the exhaust .. Also posted this on ADV rider Any comments greatly appreciated Mike
  4. Got the cam, head and jug off yesterday. The piston had been full of water for quite some time and bugs living in the bore. I had to beat the cylinder out of the jug and it is now paperweight. The valves were covered with surface rust too. In spite of the rust the valves look good and should clean up easy enough. The engine has been apart before, about half of the flat washers under the head and jug bolts are missing. The cylinder is stamped 4.00mm , I assume it is oversized. I can tear something down and put it back together again but I need help when I get to the fine machine tolerances of a cylinder and jug My plans are to: 1) Get a shop manual 2) Tear down the head and remove rust 3) Evaluate whether I can clean up jug and get new cylinder or use what I assume is a good jug and cylinder from the '85. I am leaning toward the 88 jug because I don't know how bad the '85 will be once I tear that down. I don't understand the 4.00MM stamp on the cylinder. 4) I'll need a new cam chain tensioner as the one in there was worn to the point where I couldn't grab the little nub to pull up and expose the hole to lock it in place. If this is the wrong place to post my updates please let me know. Mike
  5. Tearing apart the 1988 and I come across something foreign to me. Overhead cams :'). For the most part I own old Ducati's, Triumph's and some other oddball Itaian stuff. I tore the bike down but need a little help on how to get the cam tensioner off. From what little research I have done there appears to be plenty of life left in the cam and tensioner. If you recall the bike was put away in a back yard with no spark plug installed. I haven't kicked it over because I don't want to score the liner if there is shit in there. Before I get to the piston I need to remove the overhead cams. I have read a little about a pin the must be installed to remove the tension on the tensioner...where is that pin? If some could give a detailed rundown I am sure I can figuire it out. This site is great, can't wait to be able to contribute. Mike
  6. I just received two free XR's, they were rode hard and put away wet. They are similar but with minor differences between them. I am very good with a wrench and need a little guidence as which one to fix up, I haven't ridden a dirt bike in ages. I don't know if they are worth fixing but I am famous for throwing good money after bad (just ask my wife :'}) I will mention what I see different and please chime in if I missed anything 1988 XR250R with oil cooler, single Keihin carb. White frame with box channel as the front down tube. Forks and shock appear good. Frame appears straight (this is important when you read the next desc.) 1985 ?250? (no label, only VIN #) No oil cooler, dual carb, red tube frame..badly tweaked. Front forks OK, rear shock shot...leaking fluid. From the description I would choose the '88. The 88 engine isn't without it's issues though! The plug has been removed and the bike has been sitting outside and the stator cover has been off for a while too! Of course I could add it to the shed full of parts I all ready have Mike