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  1. +4 Unabikers just put a set on. Plus the case guards they are very easy to install.
  2. Thanks Mark, I'm sure the 4.5 won't rub. So I'll most likely go with that.
  3. I've just purchased a 07 DR-Z400s I'm thinking of putting on some Kenda tires K270's. Just wondering how wide I can go without out having any issues. My front rim is 21X1.60 and the rear is 18X2.15. It looks like I can put a 21X3.25 in front and 18x5.10 in the rear. But will they rub ?
  4. I'm not trying to hijack your thread but I've been considering both. I wonder between the 2 -650s if one requires more maint. like valve adjustments and if one is easier to do the valve adjustments ?
  5. Thanks I'm leaning towards the KTM 200 but didn't know if I couldn't ride it after a few years. So yes you have all been helpful.
  6. I thought or at least I think I remember that 2 strokes were being banned from federal land as of unknown date . Also I thought manufacturers were fazing them out. Is any of this true ? Cause I'm considering getting another bike and need to know . Please excuse me if this is a dumb question but I've been out of riding for while.
  7. I agree I've just started to look at the mods that I think I'll need. Money has been tight so co$t is a factor. I'm hoping it will be cheaper to keep what I got but I'll see when I start totaling the mods. Like replace the seat, add a rack, bigger fuel tank if money allows, a windscreen of some sort, and maybe higher gearing. I know I'll need saddle bags no matter what I do. So far I guess the cost will be around $600 or $700. I would like to trade it in on a new KLR650 but that would be $2300 and my bike. Been looking at some used bikes. But no luck. Maybe someone will read this and want to make a swap.
  8. THANKS:thumbsup:
  9. Motot-N Where did you get that rack on the DRZ
  10. Well it looks like I'm going to try to make a DRZ400SM into an adventure/dual sport:ride: Money being a little tight I can not afford a new bike dealers do want to give you anything on a trade. I'm starting by looking for a more comfortable seat. Corbin makes one anyone else make a seat for the DRZ ? And does anyone have a Corbin ? Also looking for a luggage rack, saddle bags, And a windscreen. any suggsetions ?
  11. I'm located in west central Fl about 1 hr north of Tampa in a town called Brooksville. I hate Fl sand:foul:
  12. I have a 2005 DRZ400SM that had a 3x3, rejetted the carb , and a yosh slip on.All put on by a trained suzuki tech he did a great job. If I put the stock pipe back on can I just change the jet ? Or do I have to change everything in the carb back to stock ?
  13. I'm guessing 20% or less off road nothing too extreme. I live in Florida so our off roads can turn to sugar sand . So when I off road it will be fire roads and hard pack if I can find some. I like my DRZ but it is not comfortable if you ride any distance. And I can't find a good seat. As BikerDave said V-Strom but that is a heavy bike. I know the KLR is not light but it's lighter than the V-Strom. And less money.
  14. I need some input I currently own a 2005 Suzuki DRZ400SM it's a great bike but not for all day riding. Do you think I should try to change the bike to make it an adventure/dual-sport. or my 2nd thought is trading it in on a KLR650. Please help I'm giving myself a headache
  15. OH Yeah THANKS !!