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  1. LOL! I've finally excepted the fact that flopping over in the sand is just part of my riding style (It's gonna happen:banghead: ). Kudos to Ted and the GLDS:thumbsup: ! This was my first official Dual Sport ride and I've got some things to learn about navigation. We spent a good part of Sat. misplaced, still managed to ride 150mi. and miss part of the course. I haven't ridden everywhere in Mi. but this area is definently one of my favorites!
  2. Z-8

    What trails in Mi. have hills?

    rooster wrooster: Take a pill. I don't know 2TrakR personaly, however I'd be willing to bet that he has done far more to further our sport than you ever will. State land has become a rather precious resource that we have to share with a lot of different people that have a lot of different interests( bikin, hikin,bird watching, etc.and most of them do NOT like dirt bikes). We have our little spaces and our little trails and unfortunatley we need to stay in our little spaces and on our little trails. I'm not familiar with the area mentioned, so I can not comment as to what is legal and what is not. However I do believe that in order to preserve what state land we have left, we need to police ourselves. If we see someone doing something ilegal we should try to politely explain why they should stop. And that is my $0.02:blah:
  3. Z-8

    CCC Phil Bean TT

    Great weekend:thumbsup:! I heard 280+ riders and perfect weather. Thanks much to the many who helped put this together:applause:! We rode the C loop twice and the A loop once, 130+ mi., I'm whopped.
  4. Z-8

    CCC Phil Bean TT

    I plan on being there with my 13 year old son. Hope to get there before sundown Fri. night. Last year was our first time there and it was a lot of fun:thumbsup: .
  5. Z-8

    Kalkaska Conditions

    I rode there on Memorial day weekend and thought the trails were great. It had rained the night before however. The DNR was out and about so be sure you're legal:ride: .
  6. Z-8

    ORV Stickers from CCC, turn around time?

    I've been studying the calendar; but unfortunatley, I've slept since then and can't remember. I'm going to say around three weeks? Course the weather has turned to crap, so I won't be getting out too soon.
  7. Z-8

    CCC...Worth it?

    Absolutley! It is worth it! Bring your kids to a trail tour sometime, you'll have a great time!
  8. Z-8

    ORV Stickers from CCC, turn around time?

    Just got my stuff in the mail today!
  9. Z-8

    Sunday Kids Ride Muskegon?

    Well young Einstein (12 y.o.) lipped off to his mom and got himself grounded for the weekend . He has been working hard since then to get a ride release so he can ride tomorrow. If he can stay out of trouble today, we'll be at Cedar Creek (it will be our first time there) tomorrow (Sun.) about 11:00. We would like to have you guys join us if you can. I'll check this post later tonight or call YZMAN. Someone needs to post a link to DRN Trailfest for tcmII, I'm sure I'd screw it up. Thanks RUSS
  10. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    I'm out . Sorry to hear about the Husaberg. I might try Cedar Creek on Sun. with my 12 yr. old (never been there). I plan on being at Trailfest next weekend (hope the weather is good for that) Thanks Much RUSS
  11. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    Delays, delays, delays . The DRZ seems to have more than just valve clearance issues. After doing some searching on the DRZ forum, I believe it may have a stretched cam chain . I do have a back-up option(01 DRZ400E) that I could bolt the plate on to and it would appear to be legal. Weather is not that promising for Sat. AM? YZMAN; I was looking at my Lake county map and you're not in Lake county! When you say 1mi. south on Landon Rd., is that 1mi. +or- 1mi., How far south of US10? East or west side of the road? I would like to ride this weekend but things are just not coming together well (wife is not happy about me missing the kid's soccer games ). RUSS
  12. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    Hi Guys: I would like to join in the fun if I can ? I seem to be having some valve clearance issues with the DRZ at the moment . I'm going to re shim and ride the CCC Color Tour this weekend. If things check OK next week, I should be good to go . I'll be getting on 131 at Wayland late Friday night or Saturday morning if someone needs a ride up. RUSS
  13. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    Mine looks a lot like that Not always that clean though!
  14. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    I've got this on my calendar (along with two other things). I have a plated 2000 DRZ, with a big tank (yea, it's a beast). I would like to hook up with you guys and ride sometime, but it dosen't have to be that weekend. Thanks RUSS
  15. Z-8

    TT Westside Fall ride.

    How does Oct.14,15 sound. Oct.7,8 is the CCC Color Tour in Rose City Oct. 21,22 is the Trailfest at the LMC clubgrounds I like the idea of getting lost. Of course I'm lost as soon as I lose sight of the truck RUSS