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  1. seanmcgrath450

    help!! Suspension Question

    i ride alot a woods and a bit on my local tack. i am 6" and 230 i went threw stadium they are a shock shop here that did a good job for me. springs and valves. it's the first thing you got to do....to ride fast........
  2. seanmcgrath450

    my rmz 450 wont start

    timing is off..
  3. seanmcgrath450

    witch fly wheel to go with

    9 11 or 13 does any one know what stock is.? i do alot of tight woods and i find that i would like to calm it down a knotch. i have a 50t and 48t and i still think it's to zippy i will try to put a 12 48and see if that helps...any ideas:worthy:
  4. seanmcgrath450

    What a weekend!!!

    sound like a great place. i had the same pronblem. the chain was so loose. i was riding with some friends and i came to a stop. couldent fire it up. i was pissed 45mi into no ware. got my bike timed right now whee i kick start it it doest feel right. could it be that i was on the wrong timing line for tdc.? i will try to time it to the second line this week and see if there is a dif. also do you ride tight woods sometimes i do and i have so many problems choosing a gear for the area i am in. i like the 49 but as soon as i get into wide open spots forget it red rules. and when i put on a 46 i am frying the clutch. i thing i will put on a 9oz fly wheel . i will keep ya posted
  5. seanmcgrath450

    Alright i need advice!

    all depends on what you are doing? i am an all around trails, hills and track. i use m12, i know there melt in no time but they hook up nice for me.
  6. seanmcgrath450

    My first Impressions

    good show if you want try to drop the front end a bit it will take a few ajustments and tries to get it done right. use the clutch have fun.......
  7. seanmcgrath450

    Front Brake Rotor

    ebs on thum t store best you can get for 150$$
  8. seanmcgrath450

    Starting issue - HOT_this is getting old!

    wow. if i had that problem with mine you can bet i would sell and buy one with a button. i do stall like you guys,tight woods and also in sand tight banks and i miss juge the line, in 1st. i pull the clutch in find tdc. and let it rip.1 or 2nd kick all day long with out hot-start. i must say that when i lend my bike out to a bud they always say man that bitch is hard to start. did i forget to mention that my uper lages make arnold jelous..lol time to hit the gym.
  9. seanmcgrath450

    Cam Chain problem

    what does the shop manual say.?
  10. seanmcgrath450

    Anyone using Michelin M-12's for woods use?

    i have m-12 front and back. wow what a change. now when i corner on hard compact stuff the front end wheelies out of the turn , the stock junk never did that. it would shred out and i would have to slack off. now i can gun threw. and for the mud it's beter for it is slim and tall. so it hooks up nice ,,for me and my style. i think that it will melt fast but if you ask me they all do if you ride hard.
  11. seanmcgrath450

    crf450 supermoto project

    here in montreal all bikes that been modified for the street and been running "" legal "" we got a letter saying that are registration have been revoked. we no longer can run a sm in the street. but if you buy a bike like a drl 400, xr650, klx 650, ktm sm with flashers you can run it. so if a guy spent big bucks on rebuilding his crf or any other moto x he will be in for a shock when he will go and get his sm plated and get sent back home. with the sm still in the trailer......that sucks
  12. seanmcgrath450

    My new Aprilia SXV...

    a bud of mine has the svx aprila 2 cylender efi and man what a kick as bike. it makes a ktm look like a beginers bike.
  13. seanmcgrath450

    RMZ 450 Cranks locking up

    i got an 05. 80+ hrs on it and i ride it hard when it comes time to,. i change my oil evry 2 rides. ( i like to wrench ) and i am loosing oil?? is that ok?? i top it off with 1500 to 1600. and i always mesure the old oil and i pull out 1100,1200. any help......
  14. seanmcgrath450

    Why all the trouble?

    same here i bought it and i did nt even see it, the only thing i saw was a brocher,and specs. that was a gamble. there was so much hype about the new rmz. with a few upgrade mods and i am going on my 3rd year and i would trade it for nothing else,beside a x modle,it it could get here.( or maybe that new aprila) god it's sweet efi twin cylender.
  15. seanmcgrath450

    5 speed 450 ???

    that 08 would sell like hot cakes. i would exchange for on a dime. i ride mostly trails and enduro race once and while. and the etart would be nice. got some buddies that ride with crf 450 x andthey like to rub it in, aspecialy on the wide open area. also it would be fun to get some rims and flashers and ride it in the street. can wait for the upgrade if suzuk can wake up.....