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  1. P Ruegsegger

    2010-12 engine reposition

    Hey guys, I am going to order the DrD kit and I'm getting my suspension revalved at enzo in the next couple weeks. I was wondering if any of you have tried the relocation kit with the enzo shock spacer installed? I was going to get the spacer but after reading the review about the pro-circuit link not working well with the kit I wondered if the spacer would have the same effect? I don't really understand how the link with the kit made the bike so nervous since it just lowers the back of the bike. Any info would be much appreciated!
  2. P Ruegsegger

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Im from Ontario originally now im in Fort Mcmurray
  3. P Ruegsegger

    2010 YZ250f

    Pics and info up on the Dirt Rider Mag website and apparently a first impression test by the end of today, also a video overview of all the 2010 changes from the Transworld mx website. Basicaslly a completely new chassis, new carb, bodywork and some nice updates to the current motor.
  4. P Ruegsegger

    Canadian Enduro

    Has anyone heard which pros intend to ride these events? Hopefully there is lots of interest from our top guys so this series will pickup some steam. The Organizers are the same people who put on the canadian world enduro rounds and they did a great job with that so I am pretty pumped to see what they can do for our own series!:ride. Peter
  5. P Ruegsegger

    Husky Riders in Alberta Canada?

    Hey wang, just curious, how do you like your cr 125? I was thinking of trading in my tc250 for a new 2 stroke.
  6. P Ruegsegger

    Husky Riders in Alberta Canada?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have had your TC suspension revalved for MX and if so where did you have it done and how did it turn out? I see Im not the only one disapointed with Echo Cycle and there Parts service, I was ready to sell my TC because I was so fed up with the lack of available parts but you guys seem to have good luck with outback so I will give them a try. I also have a supermoto kit from husqvarna for sale used twice, if anyone is interested PM me.
  7. P Ruegsegger

    Husky Riders in Alberta Canada?

    Right now im Working in town as an apprentice machinist, for Lemax Machine and Welding. I haven't ridden offroad up here yet but the motocross track looks real good. Im just waiting for my bike to get shipped to echo cycle from ontario right know, but when it arrives i will let you know so we could hook up for a ride.
  8. P Ruegsegger

    Husky Riders in Alberta Canada?

    I actually live in fort mcmurray! I moved out from ontario in september, my bike should be here within the next month or so. I ride a TC 250. P Ruegsegger ThatGuyED - Te610 Outbackmx 06TC450 - '06TC450 Kenton Silver_Fox - '07 TC250 jaro51 - '07 TE510 Diamond Dave 71 - '04 TC 450
  9. P Ruegsegger

    Another Dumb Question

    Thank you Dumb question guy. If you had not stepped up and asked i would probably never know what those mean. lol (laugh out loud) I ride dirt bikes. I don't have time to figure out all these fancy computer terms. If we have enough time to sit on hear and read posts all day we aren't doing enough riding
  10. P Ruegsegger

    Husky SM610 "lemon nightmare" final post

    Holy S#$%T I think all of you guys need a hug! lol WW3 in the making??
  11. P Ruegsegger


    Thanks for the info Dan!
  12. P Ruegsegger

    '06 TE250 Woes

    Try draining your floatbowl as well. super easy just get a 17mm wrench and take of the drain bolt and blow it out. I've had to do this 3 times and i have only ridden the bike about 8 times.
  13. P Ruegsegger


    I went riding today with my dad and let him spin some laps on my 06 TC 250 and he came back with a broken kickstart . Anyways I was wondering if Husky is going to warranty this part since so many of the bikes seem to have this problem?
  14. P Ruegsegger

    2006 Tc250

    I also have a 2006 tc 250 and was wondering how much of a difference the quickshot made for response etc.... thanxs
  15. P Ruegsegger

    hair scrambles

    The CMA holds a national series from spring to early fall. canmocycle.com I rode the series last year and it was pretty good.