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  1. I need help jetting a cr60,with what i belive is stock jetts,what would work the best for the most power,and I have heard of Power Jetts,What are they and where can i get a kit for my 60?
  2. ya,On the little z50 motors don't have nearly as much Compresion,little 8;5;1 and the crf has like 10,so you can see why i want more
  3. Okay i wanna know if anyone here has decked there head too incrase compression and if so,did you notice very much of a performance increase. And how much did you take off
  4. 84z50r

    Honda Cr60

    Ya i'll get picture,To tell you guys the truth,i treated my like crap before i read this thread,But last nice i fixed the breaks,the front inner tube (i was ridding it with not inner tube) NO i don't wanna sell it,i just brought it from a buddy
  5. 84z50r

    Honda Cr60

    I have one,the thing rips,3rd gear it will wheeling when it hits the power band
  6. 84z50r

    Can it be done?

    ya i guess that too,
  7. okay i have been given a 85 kx60 frame(no motor or seat but every think eals) and do you think i could mate the kx60 front fork onto a 84 z50r and the same with the rear swing arm?
  8. are the z50 oil filled?if so what oil should i choose
  9. okay,i have a 84 z50r and i would like the front end too be a little stiffer,what can i do too it and is it anywhere close to a crf or xr50 front fork?
  10. is a 62 main jet a good number for a z50r with out flooding it out and give it good power,this motor is stock
  11. okay ya i know im cheap and what not,but what size drill bit would i need too make my z50's main jet in to a #62 main jett?
  12. how much you want?PM me Plez with price
  13. 84z50r

    Cheap 50 mods?

    wow your right i can afford the 88 and carb jetts, okay now what carb would mine ome with stock and are the jet's changabul,and i need a 89 right?or what jet size would you suggest for most power
  14. Okay,who can help me out with motor mods too my 84 z50r,how do i get more power out of it on budget?