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  1. Guzzler

    09 YZ250f Motor?

    thanks> we have looked at e bay but have yet to see anything newer. About 3 months ago there were like 3 08 250f motors on there. I think from a supermoto team. Not much on there now only 02 motor. Thanks
  2. Guzzler

    09 YZ250f Motor?

    does anyone know where I could get a complete motor? My friend is looking to get one as a back up motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Guzzler

    Atlanta Area MX / motocross tracks

    Go to monstermx.com >>>monster mountain is a really good track. it would be worth the drive over and if you don'y like it something would be wrong. it is a great place that is taken care of. ask around!! I drive 13hrs to ride there for 2 1/2 days at the track!!
  4. Guzzler

    07 Rmz250 Vs Kxf250

    Only Get The Kx250f!!
  5. Guzzler

    Seminole Tribe MX Question

    The trails are open out at Thundercoss mx park out near Lake O. The track is really good not sure about the trails but I asked a guy that was parked next to me and he said that he had a blast. Check it out!
  6. Guzzler

    Thundercross Helmet Cam

    Nice vid. The rythem section that you went 2/2/2/1 is pretty had for me on my 250f. I kinda face the 2nd the double/double/to single out. It takes alot out of you doing it that way. I've watched guys go 2/2/3 pretty sick. There is just not that much lift on the first one for me. This is why I'll keep going back. Big time challenge for me!! GOOD VID!!
  7. Guzzler

    Thundercross Motocross Park

    They are open on WED,SAT,and SUN from 10 till 5 or a little after. The sun is kinda blinding in some spots late in the day. On Wed. you can get alot of motos in. I went the other WED (got there about 3) and rode 3 motos and was gone by 5. The track is really fun!!
  8. Guzzler

    Some pics from Thundercross 11-15-08

    Crespi just got a 450 about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I heard that he is just flying!! Wounder if his last am race will be the mini o's? I heard that he is going to turn pro after that race. Does he have a ride? (DNA, Butler Bros.?) It would be nice to see what will happen. Also Little Dean is just crazy fast at this track I don't think that many people are as fast as him.
  9. Guzzler

    ThunderCross, MX Back Open!! 11/08

    Nice shots. They still don't really show the track that well. I would put some money down that this will be one on the best tracks in Fl when all is said and done. They will be putting more money into it as time goes on. I didn't go this past Wed. but I heard that they got about 135 loads of dirt to start making the turns a little better. It will be great! Just thankful to have some place to ride!!
  10. Guzzler

    ThunderCross, MX Back Open!! 11/08

    Show your pics!!
  11. Guzzler

    ThunderCross, MX Back Open!! 11/08

    Just got back from tundercross. I'm really sorry I didn't remember to ask Dean if and when the loop was going to open. I guess you could contact them off the flserries web site if you really want to know. Anyways back to today. The track was really good today. I didn't get out there till three and I would say about 30 maybe 35 guys were there. Not to many. The track is really long and I had alot of fun. It was way more relaxed then on Sat. (They had a little over 200 bikes/quads on Sat. then Sun. a big quad race)Got three motos in and was back home for a late dinner. I would highly recommed this track to all skill levels!!! Shawn Skinner was out there just flying!!
  12. Guzzler

    ThunderCross, MX Back Open!! 11/08

    Not yet. I heard that they are going to open it back up sometime soon. I'm going tomorrow so I'll try o remember to ask for you guys that like the woods. The track is built really safe and would be a good place for the woods guys to learn so MX skills.
  13. ThunderCross was packed today. They have a large quad race tomorrow and there was about 100 plus quads today for practice. With all the quads and about another 100 or so dirtbikes the track really stayed together. They did a really good job with the track and it will only get better as time goes on. It is a lot like the old track but with a more professional feel to it. It is straight up Motocross. Really large area with a great layout. I was really impressed with the track and the design. It was safe and yet still challeging. They have a few large table tops, some doubles, and a rythem section that was rather hard to do along with a set of sand whoops. It was great!! If you went today:ride: what did you think about the track and the layout? PS> please keep in mind that with the amount of quads they really had the classes split up today so we didn't get that many motos in. There were still some good lines and the jump faces stayed good all day!!
  14. Guzzler

    Miami MX Park

    You'll now have Thundercross in Okeechobee. Going to open back up next weekend!! check Flseries.com
  15. Guzzler

    Thundercross CLOSED !!!!

    Just got the word that the insurance company fell threw today at 4 pm. They will not be open this weekend!!!! NOV 1 and 2nd. They have got a new company but won't have the insurance untill next week. I'll try to keep people up to date. If someone has info please post.