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  1. Hellbilly

    Suspension fluid dynamics

    I think it was C-Cycle that had something like that on their website but they are no more , at least not under the same ownership any longer. Might be able to track it down through them. Checked their site , not there. I have seen an animation of a shock on the net though. Will post if I can find it again.
  2. Hellbilly

    Rear end wants to step out '03 YZ450F

    rebound could be a little fast on the rear shock
  3. Hellbilly

    ft. campbell and surrounding area's

    The D10 series is looking like it is just going to be an eastern ky series. The only races a little to the western side of Ky are OMA which will probably be just as crowded as the MSWS races. Most of the eastern Ky riders won`t come west which killed the one attempt at western Ky race at Salem. Promotors in wetsern Ky know each other and if one has a bad opionion of the series the others will follow and not support the series.
  4. Hellbilly

    WP Shock service and bleeding

    you can buy a DVD of the PDS shock rebuild from Rob at www.suspension-network.com
  5. Hellbilly

    new comer Ft. campbell area

    If your willing to drive some there is a riding area in Ohio County. Mined land , some coal spoils and woods also. Probably a little over 90 minutes from Ft. Cambell.
  6. Hellbilly

    Kentucky Harescramble Schedule

    I think there are several out there that would help with a Tenn Series. It would have to be new locations / promoters because the current Mid South ones won`t stand up to Scott when he pulls the crap he did on the D10 series promoters. David did the racing because he loved it , not to screw the racers out of every possible penny.
  7. Hellbilly

    What Suspension Oil Substitute?

    Industrial fluids such as some hydraulic fluids and spindle bearing oils will work pretty good. You will need to learn to read the spec charts to see which will work and which will not.
  8. Hellbilly

    Kentucky Harescramble Schedule

    I hear that a lot these days. maybe we should talk with David Lambert about getting a Tenn. State Scrambles Series started to go along with the Ky. one?
  9. Hellbilly

    Suspension "how it works" videos or books

    You must have forgot to mention the seminars at Race Tech and Moto-Pro by accident. GP Racing has DVDs to cover most models. www.suspension-network.com
  10. Hellbilly

    CRF250 FC Revalve stack

    Now you know another reason for aftermarket valves , so it won`t do any good for someone to post stacks for everyone to copy.
  11. Hellbilly

    Kayaba over Showa in '07 - is it valving?

    Suzuki went to an 18mm shaft back in `05 on their Showa shocks , 18mm shaft isn`t only on the KYB. Honda may have stayed with a 16 but who rides one of those. The KYB fork is a copy , a very close copy.
  12. It doesn`t matter , just choose a method that you can do the same way every time so that you get consistant numbers. Then test to find which sag numbers give you the handling you desire. test...test...and test some more
  13. Hellbilly

    Lets see The Rm's

    You don`t ride hard enough if you can run a scrambles on a stock tank.
  14. Hellbilly

    Lets see The Rm's

    yea , some people can ride for more than a 5 minute moto. It is a 3.4 gallon tank looks worse than it really is. The stock tank won`t cut it for offroad.
  15. Hellbilly

    RM250 Showa Fork Diff's 03 thru 06?

    I haven`t had any tuning time on the older 49mms so anything from me on those would be a guess as far as their performance goes. I have ridden 2000 model RM250s with that fork and think they could be set up to work well.