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  1. sirtalalot

    z400 jetting part 2 (pilot jet)

    thanks again for the help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sirtalalot

    z400 jetting part 2 (pilot jet)

    ok with the bike warmed up i turned the screw in till it started to miss(witch was 1.5 turns out from being seated)then turned it out about 1.25 before it started idling back up(witch would be 2.75 turns out from being seated)it didn't peak and idle real good until about 3.5 turns out from being seated
  3. sirtalalot

    z400 jetting part 2 (pilot jet)

    no motor mods.i've tried to do what your talking about can't do without getting third degree burns..........ha ha. i'll try to find a very tiny screwdriver from in shop and do that.also,can you chop the throttle and use the motor to decel to see if the pilot is the problem.i heard if it pops turn screw out until it goes away.if it takes more than 3.5 turns go up a jet.is this true?
  4. just installed full yosh rs-3 ss.jetting so far is 165dj main,stock pilot,2.5 turns out on fuel srew,and dj needle set on the third clip.mods so far no lid or snorkle and k&n filter w/adapter.i'm in central fl.(sea level)took a while to get main jet right after changing jets,clip positions and doing plug chops but mid to top end seems fine.my problem is it seems to not have as much bottom end power.i've played with the fuel screw little or nothing was noticable. i was wondering if i should install a 25 pilot jet?if so are they sold individually?i've read jetting guides some say to change it some say don't.alot of people i talked to with the same mods and elevation are running a 25 pilot with mikuni main and a dj needle.why not the dj main i wonder?. .......any info about pilot jetting would be helpfull!!!
  5. sirtalalot

    z400 jetting ?

    thanks for the help,i'll let you know how it does with new pipe
  6. sirtalalot

    z400 jetting ?

    it really doesn't seem any diffrent at all,cold or hot
  7. i have a 04 z400.k&n filter w\billet flange no lid stock exhaust.the full rs-3 carbon yoshi is on back order. coming soon i hope! i'm in central fl.(sea level)between 68-78 deg.for the meantime carb has 146 main jet from dynojet. pilot stock. fuel screw 3.5 turns out.needle is set on third clip.it seems to run fine (no poping on accell. or decell. ,no backfiring,no overheating,idles great). exept at a (steady low) rpm in any gear i can punch the throttle and a slight bog through the air box occurs then pulls pretty good through the rest of rpm(is this normal?).i know its getting plenty of air but i think the problem is that the stock exhaust won't let it out.i don't really know what to expect from a properly jetted machine.... can i do more to perfect tune for now or just wait for new exhaust then rejett?....any replies will help.....also thanks for all the info you have posted about jetting "burned"!!!!! i've read quite a bit.
  8. just recently got my dyno jet kit and white brothers s/o. any thoughs on what jets to use? the paper work in the box is not specific enough.
  9. i took my z400 out to a local riding area the other day and noticed a poping/squeaking noise coming from where the carrier sits in the swingarm housing. pulled it ALL apart when i got home, only to find out that nothing appeared to be wrong with the bearings/spacers/etc. now what?? did suzuki have problems with this from day one,its a piss poor design to begin with! any thoughts on this ghostly noise that i cant get rid of?????????
  10. sirtalalot


    i have a problem with my 400 ex.its an 05.when i rev it up with the air box and intake tube off of it, air/fuel mist comes back out of it in the wrong direction.its supposed to be going into the engine,right?has this happened to anyone else, or is my quad in serious trouble?
  11. sirtalalot


    I Took The Airbox And Intake Tube Off Of My Engine The Other Day. Just For Kiks I Started It. I Reved It Up A Few Times And Noticed Some Fuel Spray Coming Out Of The Carb!it Should Be Going Into The Engine, But Instead It Was Coming Back Out The Wrong End.i Thought This Might Have Something To Do With The Way Honda De-tunes Their Engines Or Even Because The Stock Exhaust Is So Restrictive. If Anyone Has Any Thoughts On This , Please Let Me Know..thnx
  12. sirtalalot

    nerf bars.....

    anyone have any nerfbars for a 400ex they want to get rid of ?? i have a 05, but they all should fit...
  13. does anyone know if any adjustments can be made to my carb, without changing the jets.ie,air/fuel screw?..ive got a pipe on the way and will probably need to do something to my carb.
  14. sirtalalot

    just noise or power

    youre preachin to the choir......im not saying i like to ride something that sounds like a freight train... but in the recipe for speed,loud pipes are one of the main ingredients. sounds like to me we all need to get together and develope pipes that make more torque with db levels in the 80s. even as prideful as we all are and hate to bow down to people who are not even in this sport we all love, you are absolutely right. we need to keep this thing pointed in the right direction..
  15. sirtalalot

    timing chain

    thanks for the thoughts,,,i adjusted the valves and it goes away until the bike gets rode real hard for a while,, then it comes back..i know its not the valves working loose.cause i have checked and rechecked the clearance.maybe its normal for these 05s??