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  1. good job lol
  2. the clutch on a kx 250 does not only go to 5th gear and i was wantin to know how much it would cost
  3. i was thinking of buying a 2001 kawasaki 125 and i wanted to know if there was something wrong with that year and if that year was a good bike heres the bike i want and tell me if its a good buy i think so
  4. but if you get a 200 exc the parts are a bitch to find thats why iwas thinking of getting a cr 125 easy to find parts
  5. im trailriding and wanted to know which one twenty five is the best for that kind of riding i have a cr80r right know and its not puttin out for me so movin up
  6. i heard that drz play bikes have a restricter and a rev limiter that doesent make it as fast is it true and why
  7. stay with my cr 80 for a while until i can fit on a 250 or do you think i can fit on a 250 i weigh 140 and im 5'6 answers to any of the questions please
  8. people say its slow and i need to know and what would you pick ttr230 or crf230
  9. some people say that 230f is not very fast give me your opinions on what you think about this bike anything you want to say
  10. thanx because my dad doesent think im ready
  11. im 13 and 5'6 am i tall enough to ride a crf 250f and im a good rider