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  1. Live To Ride Mike

    Best helmet money can buy

    KLIM F5 helmet is the most comfortable light weight helmet i ever used. I have Shoei, Arai and other brands...F5 fits and feels and vents me the best. And unlike my friends Airoh, it doesn't feel flimsy, i felt like i could snap his Airoh like a mountain bike helmet, it flexed way to easy..im sure i could have broken it in my hands with minimal effort.
  2. Live To Ride Mike

    Ever Try a 36MM carb on YZ125? & What bikes Came with 36 MM Stryker Carb?

    Thanks mlatour, how did you go about lowering the squish? Thinner gasket? Who makes that? Turn down the head?
  3. Looking to boost the midrange on my YZ125 and thinking of trying a smaller carb. I have been advised to use a Kehien 36MM Stryker Carb. Anyone every try either a 36MM Carb and or a have experience with a Stryker Carb? IS is much better then non stryker models? Bike already has Pro Circuit pipe and silencer, Mototassanari reed cage. I run VP 4.4 in my 4 stroked and had good luck with it in my 250 strokes. Went up one tooth in the rear, plan on going 2 or more. I run tight east coast woods enduro trails. Thanks for reading.
  4. 25 years of racing about 30 races a year, never blown a fork seal that i couldn't fix with a tearoff and cleaning the dirt out. AND using any block that can fall out from an improper installation and or an extreme jarring to the bike could then leave your bike without enough tension on the tiedowns.......no benefit to doing it with much more risk added makes it a bad idea....IMO....
  5. Live To Ride Mike

    YZ250FX piston 155 hours, looks like new))

    just sold my 2013 YZ290F with 330 hours on it. Original head, valves, crank, timing chain, rod....still ran like a champ. Used Motul E-Tech and VP fuel 50/50. Beat the snot out of it the woods, didnt really rev it to the top RPM much but i ride the nastiest trails i could find and raced local events in AA and A class for years. Always started right up and ran great. Oh yeah, i bought it used with little time on it and then put on 330 hours.
  6. Live To Ride Mike

    Got my 2016 Athena Big Bore Kit!

    Sorry for the delayed response, got injured at first local enduro and ripped finger nearly off hand, then first race back last week in an orv park and some quad tard hit me while i was casually riding on the road. so i have been on the inured list and still am, that being said, i have ridden the 276 and its a huge improvement over stock. I have also had the 290 for many years. The 290 had more grunt and lost significant overrev, while the 276 has more grunt (just not as much as 290) and revs similar to the 250F. i am still running stock maps, because the GYTR maps that worked great on the 250F dont work on the 276, Actually still looking for a good map since developing maps not really my forte.
  7. Live To Ride Mike

    Fresh modded YZF 270 build complete

    Have u found any EFI settings that u are happy with?
  8. Live To Ride Mike

    Got my 2016 Athena Big Bore Kit!

    Good news i got the Athena kit and have a brandy new 2016 that i ready to install it! Bad news is that we got snow coming and might not have my full ride report for a while. The other issue is that i prefer the 250F in the tight sand races and the 1st few months of the national series is sand, so i might not be riding the big bore for a while. That being said, since this is only a 276 (vs the older 290's) the gyroscopic effect of the larger then stock piston might not be a problem in the tight sand tracks, so this could be the best all around motor. I am a bit concerned about the ECU program, waiting to hear back from Athena.
  9. Anyone know the bar specs on the 14 YZF 250? it says on the bars 17d-ho thanks
  10. Live To Ride Mike

    the all ***new*** YZ250FX

    it will be interesting to see what ratios they use. 6 speeds sounds awesome to me! But if they make the ratios out of whack, it kills it. In 02-04? i had A ktm EXC 200 and i rode my brothers KTM MXC and though my EXC had a awesome 6th gear, i still preferred the MXC trans, so much so that i bought MXC trans on ebay and switched every year . Never the less, i am still in awe by yamaha's bold move and hopefully it starts a trend with the rest of the japs to take off road more seriously. I am anxious to see a review from someone who owns one and also familiar with YZF. Also, i wonder if the $500 blU cRu rebate applies to YZFX, last time i checked on the yamaha website, it didnt mention YZFX (I think it mentioned WR though) but we have seen how accurate the Yamaha website is.
  11. Live To Ride Mike

    14 exhaust mxa

    i have the FMF (came with the bike) and also a DR D. The Dr D has a lot more mid and bottom then the FMF. The FMF screams more on top. I am using GYTR specs on the mapping. With either pipe its the best motor i have ever owned.
  12. Thanks Deafrider....u are smarter then me.
  13. Probably just me but what the hell are they saying with their tuning suggestions? The chart they show seems to contradict their suggestion in the paragraph. Anyone understand what they are saying? Thanks
  14. Here is a pic of the clutch
  15. I picked up a used 14 YZ250F with almost no time on it, (tits on the original tires) and i went to inspect the clutch and noticed that the cushion spring (looks like a giant judder spring and about as thick as a piston ring) was in the first position (next to the clutch hub) but the manual shows it in the 3rd position. I just got off the phone with a friend who has a 14, he put in a rekluse so its not stock now, but he says he's almost sure his was in the first position also when he took it out. Where is yours? thanks.