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  1. eljefedavies

    E-Bay starters

    Thanks, Mine is an 05. I am just doing some research right now. Not sure if it's the starter, it turns over but very slow. I have a brand new battery, but have tried boosting it also but no changes. Kick starts just fine, this symptom started a while ago. The bike would start but just barely, then it kept getting progressively slower. I put the new battery in thinking that was the problem but it appears it is not. The one recent change was I sent the stator to baja designs to have them float the ground so I could run an led light. That is working fine, just the starter is getting slower. any info is appreciated.
  2. eljefedavies

    E-Bay starters

    Has anyone used a starter form E-Bay? They are about 1/4 the price of OEM. Any Info would be great. Thanks
  3. eljefedavies

    Yamaha Warrior with weak spark

    I have a 2001 Warrior which has weak spark. I have heard that these machines have a grounding problem. Has anyone run into this and know a solution. Thanks
  4. eljefedavies

    Kick starter Question

    The kick starters are not the same for all years of the Xr400 why this is I have no Idea. You may have the wrong one for your year bike. The only way to check is to order one for your year. You can just order the kick arm joint for about $30.00 and put your arm on it. good luck
  5. eljefedavies

    what do you use to carry your tools? whats in your bag?

    I mounted a 3" pice of PVC with a threaded end cap to the subframe of my XR 400. I put all my tools in canvas tool roll and they live there permanently. I actually glued another exhaust tip to the cap so it looks like I have duel exhausts.
  6. eljefedavies

    Problem where kickstand is mounted to frame

    I had mine break on a 98 XR 400 from age and maybe a few hard landings. I was able to weld it with a gas wire feed and it's been holding up fine for 2 years. I am over 6 feet so I never started it on it's kick stand.
  7. eljefedavies

    94 XR 250 Clutch still baffled

    Ok here was my issue. After putting the clutch cover on I was trying to engage the clutch at the rod on the cover, I was not using the cable and clutch lever. So I kept taking the cover on and off which eventually caused the plunger to fall out making it easy to move the rod on the cover. I thought this had the right feel but of course the clutch would not work. I used a big wood clamp to compress the plates which showed my how the clutch works, then I put the cover on making sure the plunger stayed in place, hooked up the cable and used the lever and lo and behold it works. So the moral of the story is you need the leverage from the cable and lever to make the clutch work. I hope this helps you out.
  8. eljefedavies

    94 XR 250 Clutch still baffled

    With the bolts torqued down it seems there is no movement for the plates. Am I missing something here.
  9. eljefedavies

    94 XR 250 Clutch still baffled

    I am replacing the clutch plates in a 94 XR 250. when you pull in on the clutch handle is presses on the clutch plate. The big confusion is when you put everything together the bolts that hold the clutch plate and compresses the springs is to be torqued to 6-9 lbs. by doing this it appears that all the plates are squeezed together and there is no way by pressing on them more will they release. I have a manual have followed it to the letter 4 times and when squeezing the clutch lever it just doesn't fell right. Any help would be great. Thanks
  10. eljefedavies

    94 XR 250 Clutch Question

    I see how it all goes together but I cannot understand how it works. How does the pin engaging the collar allow it to disengage the plates?
  11. eljefedavies

    94 XR 250 Clutch Question

    I am trying to put new clutch plates in my 94 XR 250. I have a manual and I have followed the directions 3 times now. When I have it all together the clutch does not engage and looking at it I cannot understand how it is supposed to work. This does not have a pin which disengages the clutch plates. This has a collar which has needle bearings in it which a lifter pin engages. This whole thing has me baffled and help would be great.
  12. eljefedavies

    Decompressor questions (400)

    Have you adjusted your valves? It sounds like one is not seating properly causing the rocker arm to slap. I had the same sound on my XR and it came and went, then finally stayed. The one valve where the decompression lever is was not seating all the way and was very obvious when trying to adjust it. Did a valve job and all is good.
  13. eljefedavies

    Lowering link for a 95 XR 200

    So any lowering link will work?
  14. eljefedavies

    Lowering link for a 95 XR 200

    Does anyone know if there is a lowering link for a 95 XR 200. The bike is a little tall for my wife. Thanks.....
  15. eljefedavies

    Xr 250 cam shaft

    I am putting a new piston in a 95 XR 250. When putting the cam back in which way does it go? The manual I have does not specify. 1 position the lobes pretty much point down. The other way they point up. I have the gear in correctly with the indent up and the lines across the head as well as it being in top dead center. (T aligned in the window). Any help would be great. Thanks