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    Any Good XR 80 Tuners Out There??

    Hi your air screw is ONLEY FOR IDEL adjustment!! After riding for 10 minutes remove the spark plug and check the color of the plug. It sounds to me as though your carb is running lean a sine of lean run is missing and back firing the plug will be gray or white in coller. When proper adjustment is made the plug will appear a light tan in color. Woes the jet change required by the pipe maker. Most of the time razing the mane get needle one or two notches is all that is needed. Hope this helps Stan
  2. Stanley Shafer

    86 xr 80 smoke problem

    Hi when this is a problem check these things. 1. Is there too much oil in the engine? 2. Did you allow enough time to burn out the oil in the muffler? 3. When you had the head off did you replace the valve guide seals and check the valve guides for excess wear!!! 4. was the cylinder honed or bored. If not the rings wont seal!!! 5. The rings have to be installed right side up!!! If not they act like a pump scraping the oil up in to the combustion chamber creating a fine insect fogger! Hope This Helps Stan