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  1. zittman

    Won't start!!

    We changed out the CDI box, coil and wire with a friends bike and put my stuff on his and it fires his right up but will not with mine. The bike was hard starting before I decided to do all this cylinder head stuff and camshaft. It seemed to have really low compression. One other thought was that the TPS (throttle position sensor) would be bad???? Anyone heard of that going out? Or the magneto bad??? Thanks for the help. Are next step is to swapp out carbs. Also what about the kill switch... How much does that affect it if it is loose on handlebars??
  2. zittman

    Won't start!!

    I have a 04 crf250r that I had just put a new 06 head, valves, springs, stage 1 hot cams camshaft , new piston & rings and double checked valve clearences and timing and will not run. All that we can get out of it is alittle pop or fire. The guy working on it works at a Honda dealership and thinks it's the ignition. Althoe it seems to have good spark. It ran when I took it into him so don't know what it is. He also said it could bre that the carb's slider is getting wore out and is leaking??? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!!
  3. Just curious if changing the needle and main jet will help smooth out the power, tame the hit a little bit? Plan on putting on a heavier flywheel any suggestions on how much heavier it should be than stock? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. zittman

    has this ever happened

    Are you sure that you aren't 180 off? Take off your valve cover and make sure the intake lobes are facing to the rear of the bike and make sure the lines on the camshaft sproket are lined up with the top of the head.
  5. zittman

    Loud engine noise at idle

    I'd check the valve clearences for why it doesn't want to idle and far as the noise goes it could be the cam timing chain. Just a thought.
  6. zittman

    06 250r head on 04?

    Has anyone heard if you can put a 06 head on to a 04? Need to replace the valves and seats and guides on the current head and figured that it would be easier to replace the whole thing. Does anyone know what is different with the material they use on the 06 head to make them last longer? If it's just the seats can you buy them? Thanks
  7. zittman

    won't start

    I have a crf250r 2004 model. It won't start, has plenty of gas, compression is good, good spark[new plug] but seems to backfire when it's kicked over. Someone said it could be that the flywheel keyway is bad to make the timing off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.