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  1. Try they're nice pipes but not too loud cool looking too
  2. G'Day Well...The story goes like this... 3 days ago i coaxed my mum to the local yami dealer too look at new bikes i kinda didn't know what i wanted so we asked a sales dude.. He recommended either the ttr 230 or the DT175 There are some main differences between the two The DT175 is a Two stroke TTR is not the DT has a bit lower seat Height The Ttr has better ground clearence The Dt is lighter Which way ps. Dont bother mentioning any other brands cause yamis are the only brand
  3. Dude, Go For the 125. Plenty of power to start with, good resale(here in aus)and a lot of fun. i was ur age i had a pw 80 and thought i was the bees knees. i still dont have a knew bike like parents said i would 2 years i ride dads tt600:) now THATS Power;) go for the 125
  4. Where abouts in the perth hills are ya, mate?? Im in Parkerville... when i get a new bike i could try some of these trails with my dad and brothers.can you give me some directions? cheers
  5. Thanks for all the advice! ill be down to the the local automasters and grab some gasket paper them ill track down that lipstick......But that laser cutter idea....I might investigate that further too. Thanks again for the great advice
  6. THanks a bunch
  7. Hey, i have a 81 cr 125 in bits so my only bike is a pw 80 until i can make some gaskets cause u can no longer buy them. Problem is i dont know how to make them and what kinda gasket paper to use. Thanks
  8. hello??
  9. Has anyone had experience on Dt175's and ttr 250's are they simular?? i am moving up from a pw 80 i am 14 yrs old and weigh 55 kg. Any other bike suggestions?? Thanks
  10. Hey, Does any one here know if honda still make engine gaskets for 1981 cr125r's if not where i could get one in australia?? Also replacement plastics. thanks
  11. Does anyone know if there is any after-martket exhaust systems for the Grizzly 125. it has the same chassis as the Breeze 125 if that helps.
  12. i have a 55 acre property
  13. i plan on riding 1km long gravel firebreaks and open grassed areas
  14. Ok ive got a problem. Im a 14 yo trail rider 168cm and 50kg im looking for a new bike because i have far outgrown my pw80 ive got two choices yz125 or ttr125 thanx
  15. yeah i can plenty of practice i have 55 acres of land