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  1. shrekka

    Yamaha to cut motorcycle output

    we in Australia have street legal WR 250 and 450Fs, which is really good for us, but l dont understand why the USA dont do it????dummies!!!
  2. shrekka

    Who has blue bike, black rims, gold hubs?

    A guy i used to ride with had it on his WR250, gold hubs, and black rims. looked bloody unreal and l wanted them also...thats wot got me into buying new wheels for my 426..I tried a few suppliers in the USA,and lot of them didnt make them..so l done the next best thing (which l thought was???) and that was chrome hubs with blue rims. l was impressed i would ahve preferred the gold hubs black rims myself...
  3. shrekka

    yz426 hotcams ex cam only?

    trust me, l had a 2003 YZ450 cam in my 2002 426, then put a hotcams exhaust cam in it, and honestly there is no difference in power...dont bother with hotcams stuff l; reckon for the 426 as its a waste of $$$
  4. shrekka

    Valves made of?

    i went from Ti valves to SS valves in my 2002 YZ426, mate the power is unreal.. actually i cant feel any difference in the power...l would recommend SS over Ti valves anyday
  5. shrekka

    YZ 426 start problems

    check your flywheel from crud buildup, like mine was would start then run like a pig, the wouldnt start at all... found my flywheel the cause, now starts 1st kick
  6. shrekka

    YZ426 hard to start when HOT

    yes strange l reckon, but ive heard it does happen the bike is so sweet to start it has been gr8 to see it running again Im planning to run bike in tommorrow for the 1st time, since all the work that has been done..
  7. shrekka

    YZ426 hard to start when HOT

    Hey greyracer you wouldnt believe wot the problem was..I pulled off Stator today and it was caked in grey crud paste???. l put replacement stator on and checked both with mulitmeter and all in spec. Bike shop used rattle gun to get it off for me... Went home and put the bike together, it it started 3rd kick and purreddddd, didnt even stall when turned choke off. it ran nicely, just like it did b4 problems occurred.. I heated it up after riding aroun my house and driveway, turned it off and it started 1st kick..i couldnt do that b4 i have been riding it this after to break it in and it hasnt missed a beat..Starts gr8 and my face is smiling agian thanks agin for helping out Ash
  8. shrekka

    header pipe damage

    just get a new header like i did cheap on ebay i got mine 4
  9. shrekka

    YZ426 hard to start when HOT

    oh ok thanks for help you call it the pilot circuit, would you mind elaberating on that? Or any links relating to it... thanks Ash i tried starting the heap when cold and it wouldnt start. if putting another stator doesnt fix it, its out the door. l dont want the hassels of it i have spent heaps to get it right and it wont start again. i surely wouldnt be surprised if its the stator, but l wont be holding my breath over it
  10. Hi there can anyone help me here i have done a complete topend rebuild on my 426, (2002 model). l put SS valves in (thanks to TT Parts store of course , new everything including rings. new plug and new oil, checked valves 50 times (exagerated) And a new head, (long story) no leaks from valves when they were put back together I have the YZ450 exhaust cam and now using the Hotcams inlet cam also Put bike together, checked clearances everything l have gone over. Bikes starts 3rd kick when cold and runs like a purring putty tat, . But after a short run in and when its HOT l cannot start it? But has been stalling quite easily, when l turn choke off.Never ever did that b4 the rebuild The shims are 175 all around. Could it be because the head, valves are hot and of course the metal expands, that could b the cause of the hard starting? Should l change all the shims say to 180 or 185s and record clearances and see how it starts then? Any ideas are much appreciated.. thanks Ash
  11. shrekka

    Front master cylinder YZ426

    thanks for link and l done it, l had to remove master cylinder and pour fluid into the main part where the bolts goes it. quickly get it together.. and start pumping, it virtually worked straight away. all done now and thanks
  12. Hi there i own a 2002 YZ426 i had to put a new front brake line on, so l decided a braided brake line B4 l removed original line l didnt flush all the brake fluid out of master cylinder and caliper So after putting new line on and trying to bleed the brakes. Nothing would flush through the system i have pumped the brake lever so many times , and tried numerous ways to get the fluid through. Seems as though the master cylinder has a BIG air bubble?? Fluid does dribble out but extremely slowly i am using a one person brake bleeder line on the caliper also Any suggestions that may help would you mind responding and give me the tips. i have just done a top end rebuild(valves etc) and l cant even ride the bike. thanks ash
  13. shrekka

    Fit of new YZ400F cam chain

    Hi there i done the same thing to my 2002 426, and it looks exactly the same as the photos. Nothing gone wrong since the mod either The "Yamaha YZF & WRF Performance Projects" book says do the same thing for our bikes with the 450 cam... Shrekka
  14. shrekka

    YZ426 lifters

    thanks a lot for your help i wasnt too worried about price, as l know your prices are 10 times better in the USA then in Australia... we get ripped off here for parts... Shrekka:ride:
  15. shrekka

    YZ426 lifters

    Hi there can anyone tell me which color lifters go to which valves? Or wont it make any difference, even if l just get say all 5 x BLUE ones? i am redoing my topend completely and these are the parts number TT use. I want to get it right b4 l make an order with TT, so l know how many to order of each LIFTER, VALVE (BLACK) 3FV-12153-00-00 LIFTER, VALVE (YELLOW) 3FV-12153-10-00 LIFTER, VALVE (BLUE) 3FV-12153-20-00 Correct me if im wrong the BLACK lifters go to exhaust valves? BLUE the middle inlet valve? and the 2 YELLOW to outside inlet valves? thanks Ash