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  1. 146? Wow! I'm at 160 as of last night and it's running pretty good. 146 sounds really lean to me, but I obviously don't have the experience to know for sure. Is anyone else running that lean at 5000' and 60-70F temp. I don't know what a main jet adapter is. All I did was unscrew the stock main and screw in a 160. Can you give me some insight into what this adapter is? I'll look into this. Thanks for the suggestions. >5000' ive used this setting and it ripssss ass.. >NEEDLE e clip on the 2nd from top. >MAIN JET 146. >Fuel screw 2 turn out from full >ARE YOU USING THE MAIN JET ADAPTER .. >dont mess with anyting else.
  2. Okay smartie pants! I ran home, put those settings on and voila! This definitely solved my 1/8 - 1/2 stuttering. It's running really well now. I only had time to run it up the road for 10 min so I haven't had time to really test the off-idle bog, but I'll report back after I do. Thanks for the quick response and the spot-on advice. It's running better than it ever has. I had read so many posts, I wasn't sure where to start after adding a pipe. Thanks again to everyone that makes the TT forum friendly to us newbies! This is better advice than my dealership gives.
  3. Thanks for all the great posts and responses. I've studied and learned a ton here. Unfortunately, my jetting is still not right so I need some help. Here's what's wrong: -off-idle bog (I can make it stall if I flick it fast) -1/8 - 1/2 bad stutter then it winds up pretty well on top -lots of backfire on decel with closed throttle -can be hard to start once it's warm. Have to give it some throttle to start it. Here's what I have: -04 YZ450F -Main: 168 -Clip: 5th from top -Pilot: 40 -Mixture screw: 1-1/2 (I've tried adjusting both ways in .25 increments) -Exhaust: Yoshimura full system -Factory R&D quickshot AP cover (P-38 Lightning I think is their model) -everything else is stock. No other mods. -altitude: I'm in Utah in the Salt Lake area at 4500-5000' -temp: 60's and 70's currently Can someone give me an idea on where to start with all my jets? I was working from stock (165, 40, 1-1/2, #4), but then I added the pipe yesterday and went to the above settings. I bought additional jets so I can adjust, but I need guidance on the best baseline to work from. Thanks for any help. I know there are many posts on jetting and trust me, I have read them all 3X.