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    Looking for a 1976 ty 250 flywheel.

    The trick back in those days was a metal band that added weight to flywheel, nowdays the trick is to not only remove that aftermarket band, but to shave some off, for quicker throttle response.
  2. sting32

    Txt 321 price or bike issues?

    Sounds like you got a decent deal, the 2000 model was the 1st year of the 2 piece fender/seat. I had the 99 dad had a 2000, post up some pics when you can. I ended up with another 2000 321 past winter twas a basketcase, that is now running great as a loaner.
  3. sting32

    Trials bikes?

    They are "rare" only in the sense that they by no means produce/sell as many per year. But the Used market is not in the 'mainstream" outlets, that is for sure. Our "sport" as it is, most of us got tired of being hurt at higher speeds, and still wanted something to challenge us. Many find the sport by chance encounters, then bring our buddies "in" with us, and me and my dad actively even try to recruit "strangers" by offering information, even when approached at local "quicky-Marts". This is lot of the reason why trials bikes don't get listed either. you will see the ones llisted in places like Craigslist, they probably didnt feel like they fit in, or whatever reason, they quit and are selling the bike... in trials clubs, one new bike gets bought, lots of times several bikes get shuffled... Spencer, I submit to you that you can find "beginner bikes" almost as exactly as cheap as a used dirt/MX/woods bike, usually in better shape if the bike was owned by someone who is riding trials competitions on them... I reserve the right to say "dirtbiker" trail riding a trials bike, probably not so much... Anywho, My point is lets look at it. A 10 year old gasgas, in a balpark range, is worth about $1800 maybe as high as $2500, in plains states in great shape, Everything is higher or costs more more on either coast and seems to go up as you approach them... but I think a 10 year old gasgas is (we're talking the latest pro model they made) are as competitive as almost new models, depending on upkeep and maintenance... Trials bikes make small slices of change every few years, they a strong changes sometimes, but hardly anything that would stop a beginner from getting started, probably through 2 years of competition or more to an Amatuer Level... The bike in fine working operational condition, can be ridden by an advanced "trials skills" individual to outperform any "new" trials bike produced anywhere, ridden by an average competitor... I do NOT know if that is so true in MX/Woods racing of any kind? Trials bikes wear out chains, tires grips levers maybe, and "decals" where as most compeitive motor sports involving speed, wear out rings, pistons, cylinders, lots of RPM ready type maintenance. My trials bike revs up past half throttle maybe once a month, if I fall off it funny, or try some higher skill ledges and stuff. the bike is at idle most of their life/riding, which is less heat and wear & tear and fatigue on these engines... just food for thought
  4. sting32

    Is my trials bike heavy?

    I have one of these, just FYI. for using the bike as a trials bike, well there are couple things to consider... Not using it for trials competition, the bike is probably as good as any "trials" built bike for doing nothing really well. I have the 93 model, it has the upside down forks on it, otherwise pretty much the same bike. I have been riding trials competitively for 40 years. would I pick YOUR or my bike, to ride a trials event at my level of competition, over my 13 Gasgas Raga PRO 300? Hell no. I also own a 2000 model txt 321. this bike or your bike (or my older bike?) if these were my 2 choices, the 2000. MOST all things same, engine little bigger CC but same BASIC bike later in development, I have 4 piston front brakes with newer design, some weigh saving due to newer, probably 5-10 lbs. But the brakes were helluva lot better... for a "trail" ride, excluding the Displacement differences again, coin toss on which of the 3 bikes, my 93, your 95, or my 2000... We loan my 93 for guys to give trials a shot. then I managed to pick up a 2000 321 cheap (project that took a few months to put back together). I loan the 2000 all the time now. But for more than just been around bikes for couple hours, I have for use, a 06 225 Pro. probably 30lbs lighter, much more competitive. there is not much you cant do on any of them, the 93 and I think 94 or 95 JT's were named after Jordi Torres world champion you know, he helped develop and rode to prove those bikes you know? they are just older, kinda like my 87 YZ250 was outdated by "motocross" in the advanced classes, in 97... But in the new rider in the MX "beginner" class, would probably not be the bike that causes them to get beat, you know, knowledge experience and skills can overcome a heck of a lot about bikes and ages. Hope that helps.
  5. sting32

    Looking for my first trials bike

    as we say over there in ADV, welcome to the darkside
  6. Just FYI This topic is mostly a troll-ISH. Trials is so different than any other sport, but has things that are basically the same for any competitive sport/venue. Gasgas had been bleeding edge innovating since they started, taking the bikes to a whole new level. they had to overcome SOME things, but if you look at sherco's newest bikes including the Scorpa, you will see that they copied gasgas almost exactly just to keep up. they also had the luxury of letting gasgas more or less prototype the whole design, for 13 years for them. the quality control issues is a nonsensical statement, have you driven a ford or chevy lately? Factory had to source parts like all MFG companies do, slowly things get fixed, like waterpump shafts, but transmission failures are just as common in sherco and beta and probably Honda, there just 10-100 bikes total, of the other bikes sold for so many years and if you think about it thousands of gasgas sold in same time, plus gasgas has more people to even have an issue report online... cant say that is true about the other bikes. Yes I like gasgas, the bike is EXACTLY like buying a "works" bike and riding competition, the importer orders the bikes all these years, the world round riders come to the states, grab a crated bike, ride the compeition via a lease type allowance, then return that bike when they are done, and those bikes sell for a little bit less than one still in crates, but the point is, Bou has a SPECIAL, his only, bike that is shipped for each competition, I hear the indoor bike is nothing like his outdoor bikes, and hear that the outdoor bike could be copied if you had enough money, and most of it is SECRET, with unobtanium parts... Sherco has been the same as gasgas as such in the states, but seriously the older sherco's were just about exactly what the pre-pro gasgas bikes were (aka 13-14 years behind in design and specs) Beta is pretty durable, but they have worked their asses off getting modern, and all bikes find a weak spot in them somewhere... I still say the gasgas isn't a bad bike, but to keep in mind it is specialty built, for competition, and has been for a long time. some like to say not durable, I say it is freaking durable, problem is they are DEFINITELY not maintenance free, which seems to bother some people who want a bike, but never want to even oil the chain, per se... just ride ride ride, then gasgas nor a "hot rod" of any type car or bike is for you. I don't buy a twin turbo Mustang and drive it daily to work without some special care at least, compared to the POS Focus I have that I drive until the damn thing breaks (beater)... so best bike? well that depends MORE on what is better for you, 600hp corvette or minivan that you never want to open the hood on, and drive the wheels off it? corvette could be a bad investment as a car to pile the miles on just commuting, van could be wrong investment if you like cruising the boulevard street racing... Just thought I should mention this .
  7. sting32

    Looking for my first trials bike

    Hey Daniel, get to an event. Trials riders are 99% of everyone, are actively recruiting people just like you, to join us in what all of us trials-cool-aid sipping evangelists believe is the best sport out there, any sport. I mean go and approach ANYONE, unless you find another newb by luck, they will know things or people to talk to who do. IMHO I bet someone has a bike not listed, you know because listing is a PITA, then you get hundreds of calls wanting to send you a check for $10 grand, you send the balance yada yada, and I believe most trials enthusiasts are just people who are busy all the time, and hoping if they keep the bike, might convince a buddy to start, that is why we have always kept a bike around, it is also a parts queen or the I can ride it if I have to, if something bad happens to the new ones. THe expense of the bike being over budget, I understand, but unlike "dirt bikes" you will more than likely get 90% of your investment back, which Is better than what happened to me when I tried bowling league, I couldn't sell my personal and new but mediocre ball, and who buys used shoes? lol. lost 100% of that investment, I think that stuff was in attic then eventually tossed. Motocros bike wasn't quite as bad, but I had a 4 year old bike, they sell for peanuts compared to when they are new. FYI, Advrider.com has a trials sub-forum that is slightly more active, with people from mostly mountain west and plains but damn near everywhere... and TRIALSCENTRAL.COM is the main place for the whole USA/overseas people to share information about trials. hope you find something.
  8. sting32

    xr200 trials conversion

    I think personally, looking at the pics, that is a neat bike. I was just like wait, if you cut and gut it up too much and it wont even do "nothing" well anymore, lol. Looks to me, Mainly different looking tank and seat setup than the Reflex. I always like the "reflex" AKA "Reflux" back when they were NEW, and seriously wanted the early Pampera gasgas, almost had one bought. I also never noticed the dates on the posts, when I saw mention of shortening swingarm, and I went "ga" wait. Pop and I have done the "no shine" tweaks to a few actual 2 shock bikes over the past couple years, a TL suzuki, couple honda, and playing with 76 yamaha TY, then he stumbled onto a Kaw KT 250 and he was like dang, that bike stock seems better than the others with major mods you can do at home with chop saws and welders, but I like my Fantic the best so far. we even bought a pair of refluxes, lol... but after dicking with the tl250 for a year, we was like what a waste of money & time (and effort) it would be to build a trials bike out of them, and I really like the dual ride bike part of them, not great at any job, but funner than a moped if you need a trip to a store concept. I need to find aluminum rims for at least one of my refluxes, that would help a little, on bunch on heavy toad issues that thing has.
  9. sting32

    xr200 trials conversion

    Kirkallen, I am NOT trying to run down your project, I just hope to maybe head it more into the "if I ended up anywhere near the moon" copying the trials bikes and data I saw in earlier posts, and trying to convert your dirt bike... you could be on mars going the wrong way, because so much has been learned on how to make the old classics work so much better today. you do realize you are "researching" stock values on OLD bikes of the day, stock... as the world has essentially left 100% of the figures and values behind, that was even before MONOSHOCK bikes came along. The 84 model of any trials bikes have more of the target you want to end up with, and you might find some of it is closer IF you look at 100% of the popular "twinshock" (other wise known as ANTIQUE trials) there is hardly a "stock" geometry bike being resurrected anymore. closest to stock geometry bike, that is being resurrected today, is the 74-78 Yamaha ty lineup, and still the trick thing to do to those bikes and frames is to lengthen the swingarm, plus relocate the footpegs etc, and a half a dozen other mods. YOur list of "dimensions" has... I say this because some of the better Japanese bike were listed as follows: TY175: WB-1265mm, T-97mm, R-27.5 degrees TY250: WB-1295mm, T-90mm, R-26.5 degrees KT250: WB-1305mm, T-79mm, R-26.5 degrees TLR250: WB-1393mm, T-78mm, R-24.5 degrees The HONDA TL 250 & 125, for anyone but some of best in the world at the time, (BTW they rode bikes that were nothing like the stock bikes. ) IMHO, TL's are the worst bikes ever produced for Trials, sure the engine is nice, run great, but the engine was a seriously just a boat anchor, and boat anchors just are NOT trials competition favorable. Everyone that likes them, doesnt care how well they can compete with them even today, and not being an ass here, might be just what you want to get closest to changing your bike to. IMHO, your are trying to make a Caitlyn out of a Bruce, (yet I think more like aiming at 18th century beauties) Anyhow, perseverance could just make it happen for you I bet this project is for fun, so good luck, but I think you would be more pleased if you somehow researched what people that are restoring any of those old bikes, are doing to them "aka Mods" for better than original performance on said old bikes, then see how far off you will end up at. my first thing was when you went to questioning to shorten swingarm, I was like "oh hell" so I posted. have fun,
  10. there is so little to "fix" on a 2 stroke, that unless you broke the cylinder or transmission housings, 99% of the engine can be refreshed, parts can be exchanged. or find another newer bike, the 02 was 1st production year of a bike that was radically new, that is still "tweaked" and sold... Uh, Um, well, I would have said still today, but the factory is in bankruptcy. cylinders get replated, or get new new cylinder from parts place dealer... I know that something like $900 usd should get you piston, rings, and a brand new cylinder, and some good engine mechanic should be able to help assemble it. I have been around several 02 280's that havent even had the ring replaced in them, pretty durable cylinder pistons and stuff, the transmission has seen many changes... there are a few places that you just ship a cylinder with the NEW PISTON you already bought, send it to them, they refinish the bore, to match piston send it back, you install it back on your engine. the cylinder is very durable, 8 of 10 times you can have bad seize, clean off the cylinder install new piston, but granted not all... find a dealer near you, by starting at the GASGAS.COM website, dealers list. see what they can do and how much. Lots of how to videos on youtube, user named "gasgasinfo" But, maybe not enough if you never worked on engines or anything before...
  11. sting32

    Looking for my first trials bike

    just food for thought, I dont live in the people's republic of california, but getting the park sticker is a PAIN for most trials bikes, unless originally sold to people that got tittle or equivalent. you would be best served to buy one from say local or state person, places like Lewissport.com in in your area I believe. many are sold as OFF ROAD USE only, no tittle or some origin paper. It is all about some green EPA stuff, and bs. Just sorry I dont have more or better knowledge to pass on. that most other states dont battle with on offroad stuff... Mind you, I just read the stories, and passing this little tid bit of half remembering the whole saga of others I have read, info along, trials members in Cali, probably local clubs, etc can help with better information. USA list of clubs... http://www.trialsclubs.us/
  12. sting32

    Where does one go to find parts

    automagp68, where in Colorado are you? I dunno why I ask, I guess I am just interested, but RMTA (colorado club) used to be one of the biggest clubs in the USA. there are a couple places/business/store-fronts, in Denver area, that keeps some spare parts, or get them. Billy Burgener, owns a shop up north in broomfield, Euro Sport International, there was a place I visited off i-70 in denver... I live in KS, brother lives near mead co, so I don't know all the stuff you need, and this was 2 gasgas places, that can get things and work on things. RMTA has webpage, find those guys they'll know where all you might be able to get anything, or like others, the 3 main places are tryals shoppe, ryan young products, and lewis sport...
  13. sting32

    Where to practice?

    SOmewhere I saw a post about in interactive map, that I and some others across the country fill in some information... Of freaking course I cannot find the link now. Anyone down here in trials section friends of the Admins of this board? we need some stickies-posts, and I could put up some links and info. failing stickies, there's many of us on ADVrider's trials sub forum... check both sites out.
  14. sting32

    any trials clubs around the tristate area?

    I hadn't been reading forums for a while, nobody replied.. But a nice site for finding clubs is... http://www.trialsclubs.us/
  15. sting32

    Dual Use Boots

    if you are just TRAIL riding, use your simple trail/atv type, dual purpose off road boot. Just motovita is saying, I just add... Trials uses extreme balance, and control of foot brake, to me it is more like being able to play basketball in our trials boots, than say snow skiing... So, our boots are very flexible, nowdays they have NO heal (soles resemble tennis shoes with hiking boot type of lug pattern grips, I am sure you have seen.) Since 90% of most riders are competing in a sport that 90% of all the action is done at a walking pace, we don't need protective "casts" or immobilizing boots, to protect us from 30-80mph crashes into the brush and woods, again this helps tremendously with balance, and feel and movement when competing on trials bikes. Some people I know whould warn ya, dont do dual sporting in trials boots, some have had serious unjury when foot snagged a root, rock etc at speeds, where a MX type boot would have deflected and being stiff saved multiple injuries, like ankle and or ripped skin, broken toes. at best, our trials boots are like nice gloves for our feet... MX boots are hard and protect you like ski boots try to. which usually means broken knees instead of ankles, lol.
  16. sting32

    Backyard trials course

    OZ, what has happend to us a few times, (thankfully at the farm, you know that big yard nobody would ever push mow size yard," watch them stand up get a little balance easing out clutch, then tiny blip of throttle happens, which shifts their balance to "near falling off back" for .025 seconds, which causes throttle to be yanked on harder, throwing them back more... Now days, you don't get turned let loose on the bike, without at least one finger covering the clutch, explanation that nothing else matters for a few seconds, and some me getting some feeling/assurance that you can & will pull clutch if things start to go wrong... lol. I want to make a remote kill switch like they use on monster trucks, someday. OH BTW, I really really like you (or your clubs and friends') trials videos! I had threatened to make some myself, but I seem to have too much Adult ADD to edit videos, especially with home PC's and cheap software (from years back when I almost started such a project) so I appreciate what I see even more than maybe most.
  17. sting32

    Backyard trials course

    Read only the OP's post. he's not even a rider yet (going to buy a bike?) well, I have to warn you... Trials is a neat sport, but hole-e hell, if you play on the big obstacles instead of getting your basics of balance, throttle and clutch control, and tight turns... you are going to be frustrated as hell, I just cant make that warning any stronger. do what you like, make a 4 foot diameter log, and all the fixin's and I will watch you dab 3 times just getting to any object like it, in a trials competition setting! if you lucky, have dirt to ride on in back yard, take your bike and push it around a figure 8, full lock turn. mark the wheel's track somehow, chalk on grass is useful, bricks or what not. Until you can ride the bike in the same track, consistently in your sleep type of comfort, you will struggle more than you will ever need to in trials like competition. But don't let me stop you making your area, I have those as well! I work on making the turns tighter to impossible, for practice to jump over any of the logs, rocks and pallets. you should too! along with balance and turns which actually needs "no course" setup to practice. I practiced for hours in a one car garage over my past years (garage that the passenger cannot get out of car if you pull into it). turns and balance mean soo much. it is the opposite of speed and feeling of centrifugal forces you use when "dirt biking at speeds, and going faster... Trials is balance and no speed. GOod luck all.
  18. sting32

    Bicycle to Moto carryover

    I am the one that is showing Pitbull, how to ride. He bought a 300 raga, and some will state that it is too much bike, for experts etc. but where we both live, bike is a bike. I actually argue that the 300 for many years easier HP to manage than the 280, but the "margins" we're talking about is negligible for newbie. Special case, IMHO, this guy came to my farm, dad and I watched him ride our 2006 125 which has the 225 kit in place, we have (without making him blush I hope) high hopes for this guy! He then rode my dad's 2013 300 Raga. unlike some beginners, and some 'crossover' riders, he did NOT exibit a problem with coordination of clutch nor wiskey throttle, hence he was allowed to try dad's raga... He'll be fine on the big bike, like I have said anywhere you have read my posts (adv and TC) not everyone needs a 300, but since most of us started on 250 2 strokes back in the day that 300 isnt a big step up like a 500cc 2 stroke MX/dirt bike is. He is looking into a lower compression head for the 300, I think that is wise yet for him not necessary at all, and a flywheel weight. next event for us is at AVTA (douglass ks) avtatrials.com is website, and I expect if he's working on basic turns, he's gonna make some people amazed and wow's about his talents in trials... (I have warned him, DO NOT HOP that thing in NOVICE/beginner class at competitions, lol, I can hear the rest whining now... even if it costs him points trying it) Hehehe. but again I cannot stress enough, basic balance, turns, throttle with clutch control, time on bike, and that elusive at first, "clutch feel" is going to challenge him, any new for a couple to 8 months... My teenager friend is still working on the same things, and wins the Amature class most of the time... 1.5 years seat (aka peg) time on trials bike, before that just quads...
  19. sting32

    sherco rear break disk shark fin

    Call RYP, if you are talking about custom made one, Lewissport.com is the next call, possibly Tryalsshoppe.com, again for non stock parts probably. I made my own aluminum ones, with saw, drill, and piece of aluminum... it is easy if you have the bike and the old one is mostly there...
  20. sting32

    What first trials bike to get and help find one in PA

    Explain what you are actively doing to find a bike? I think you need to find the club near you. GOOGLE Search engine is your friend here, plus there is a website dedicated to trying to keep track of TRIALS clubs like a database. that site is http://www.trialsclubs.us/ there are bikes usually forsale around clubs, most might not ever get listed even on craigslist, and here's why... RIder A, wants a new bike, finally finds the one he wants, offers his used bike, to local guys, if nobody has money or interest, it might make craigslist. Usually though, rider B suddenly needs to sell his bike and buys A's bike, and I have been personally in where 4 bikes exchanged hands in one "purchase". A to B, happens a lot but ABC to D has happened with our club, mine actually involved 2 clubs's members (regional competitions make it more likely). craigslist is your friend. that search engine posted above is helpful as well. gasgas.com has used bikes listed, but out of date info, most bikes on that site are sold that I know of around KS at least, becuase I called on most of them near me, looking for bike for new riders near me. if nothing else gasgas has list of dealers by state, those dealers probably know where bikes might be found. RYP's sherco site probably has same information, same with BETA's site... the trials bikes are cheap to ship, if handled correctly, boxed up and or you might find one, forsale within driving distances... I have driven from my house to texas to get a good deal on a bike, be prepared and add the travel cost to your "budget" or at least allow for up to $2oo shipping. GOod luck, take the time to find bikes with tools suggested, or for a small hourly fee, someone might locate them for you???
  21. sting32

    Marking out sections

    The biggest thing I see reading OP's post is, how many classes are you "setting up for?" Our club consistently has these classes setup for each event, in fact 6 clubs in the surroundings states do it this way, plus New mexico and Colorado and others. the classes are lower and upper (also refered to as morning and afternoon) beginner/kids, novice amatuer, sr Amatuer are setup on the loop on their own sections. Afternoon is Intermediate, sr Expert, expert and Master (our top class) now the slight problem I have complained about for years now is the Naming of classes, there is NOT a standard yet, New Mexico calls our Sr Expert skill level "sportsman" and the Nationals called that "class/level" pretty much "clubman" lines. My Sr Expert is a slightly tougher than Intermediate lines, not something to do with Expert, which is a BIg jump in skills needed. Anyhow if you got 3 maybe 4 classes per section you can & need to then use what is kind of working to be standard in USA marking, you Aussies could of course come up with your own standard, but best if all clubs kind of adopt it for each country you know? We use pretty much how the NATC states it should be marked, and scored in our clubs, our several neighbor clubs also hold a "regional" event for each club, which is fun, but we're still battling that NEOTT might do this rule, and AVTA does it this way, but we finally mark the sections exactly the same! Next year the RULES might be the same exactly for the Regionals at least Anyhow back to markers... We use BLUE, Green, Red & Finally Black colored 5x7 ish colored arrows on a white background construction paper type signs, if the trials is wet, you can put these inside a cheap sandwich bag, to mark the different split/lines in a section... on the Entrance of the section we mark Nov-Am-Sr on the start sign, usually with who setup the section (braggin rights lol), and AM or PM of course, we don't need a novice trying an expert class section, you know. Our Am riders ride, while PM riders score, then we break for lunch and swap. Each "group" getting 3hrs to ride the 8 section loop 3 times, 15 minutes grace where you get additional points (.5 points per minute) that you are late, after 15 minutes it is DNF. Every section has the 4 colors of markers in them (we also write on them (sr, am, ex, ma, nov, sr.ex for each). PM means blue for intermediate, green Sr Expert, Red Expert, Black is Master, in the AM blue is novice/beginner/kids, amateur uses red, Sr Expert uses GREEN. if the sections are TOUGH for newbs, we make special signs for exits for say beginner and kids easier than novice. you need to make gates as we call them, at least 44 inches apart. when possible for club events, it is mandatory for Nationals to be so far apart I believe I am close but didn't double check the actual measurements. Many rules come down/adopted from FIM, which is you know, big ruling party of trials in other countries. So, this means a gate, can be a single arrow that points around a tree and limited on the other side by outside boundary marker (ribbons) or another like colored sign (arrow). the markers MUST never be above a 5ft person's line of sight if Possible, when walking the sections. obviously up a hill changes things, but around a tree on flat ground for example, you can NOT EVER put the marker 6ft plus up on the tree for ANY reason! they need to be at the ground as much as possible. Tape around the edges needs to be on ground or close as possible. I can find a video on youtube (my video page on youtube is sting32) on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QDc8h9PjlY&list=PLFF475E280726B996&index=5 of typical section Ill post it here (dad riding the sections) at 29 seconds you can see 2 split markers which were one green and one red, meant that the amateurs and Sr Amateurs had to go left of the arrows (a split) sorry for camera quality, it looks better on the phone it was uploaded from, lol...
  22. I know you might be joking.... But... IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, if you take it to an MX track, please just crush the bike when you are done with it, because I hope to HELL nobody of which, I help find bikes (newbies like you) end up with something that will have been all used up like that, (you know the guys, sell that bike claiming ridden on weekends only by trials rider) which he might be a trials rider, but failed to admit it was ran on MX track a lot. and of course which is going to IMHO be junk after a very many laps, on a nice day... lol. FWIW, The engines are designed/tuned to operate at Idle to full throttle, but Full Throttle only for very short amounts of time, these bikes DO NOT like long road trips, let alone Motocross'n on them. Just for instance. My trials bike may have 20 hours of riding on it in a month, but 90% of that is idling, even though the time I have put on the bike it is NOT just sitting there on kickstand idling. it is being ridden as if in competition, even when I practice. it is .5 miles from shop to 1st practice section if I wish to ride there, in 6th I'm still only traveling at 1/4th throttle...
  23. sting32

    trials bikes in pa

    there is a site, gasgas.com for USA's gasgas importer, has used bike listed all across USA. Sherco is Ryan Young, he has website too. but another valuable resource is findng the club website near you and around your "region" see what they have listed for members bikes forsale? North American Observed (aka moto-trials) club list. Fairly well maintained! http://www.trialsclubs.us/
  24. sting32

    front tube valve breaks off on inside

    Hmmm.... Hell, there is something wrong, I run 5.5 to 5.77lbs air in my front, most of the time (practicing in DIRT compared to rocks at an event) Tishomingo rocks I ran 6 lbs just because they grip like hell... Seat the bead of the tires, then air the thing up to 30 psi, leave it that way overnight... that is what I do anyhow, this way I know if it leaks. I do same when I put on new tubless rears, leave overnight with at least 30 or 40psi, maybe it helps squeeze the soapy water I used to mount the tire, I dunno. I have the nut tight on valvestem and rimlock, now of course I have to find some wood to "knock on" so I wont be jinxed by posting how I haven't had trouble... How old is the bike and rim? if it is really old, makes you wonder if the specs have slightly changed with new tires and rims, the front tires are not quite the beach to change as the tubeless rears, but I only had trouble with tube when i got a thorn and didnt change/repair the tube I tried to just air up and ride... went flat half through the loop, of course that ripped the tube at the valve stem. Make sure your low PSI gauge is accurate maybe?
  25. 80:1 is very safe, is the amsoil happen to be synthetic? anyhow that is what I run in all 11 of my gasgas trials bikes, you could run less and some do. if you decide you are going to hoof it down jeep trails, Maybe a little more oil, like 70:1 just sayin, I rather be safe than sorry.