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  1. i did not cut my silencer down so this may not help ...but i did gut the pipe completely and the only real difference i have noticed is that it is louder...i might actually put some of the baffle back in...no BUTT DYNO difference at all
  2. i have a stock 450r and am going to ride sand mountain i think its about 3500ft or so...right now i ride almost sea level...am i going to need to make any changes so the bike will run good up there? any help will be great.....one more thing...also a quick tutorial on how to do it would be great...ive never had to change that before
  3. aea13

    do i need to change?

    i'm going to sand mountain this weekend and was wondering if there should be a jetting change...right now where i ride is about 300ft....i think but could be wrong that sand mountain is around 3500ft....has any body taken a stock R out there and had problems with the way it ran?
  4. aea13

    is a paddle really needed?

    thanks for all the replies everyone....and yea i know there is a race this weekend...probably not the best time to go but it is for a reinlistment party...military thang!!! should be just a bunch of us crusin' around....im not going to get crazy seeing that i dislocated my kneecap(patella sublaxation) last monday...i'm just there to show support!! again thanx everyone
  5. aea13

    is a paddle really needed?

    i can see that everyone has a preference on to paddle or not to paddle...if i do decide that i want to get one for this trip which one would you reccomend? and how many....6,8,10,12??? also thanx for all the replies...
  6. hi there everyone!! this is my first post on TT....but i have been viewing for about a week. i ride a 05' 450R and my question is this....i am going to pismo to ride, also my first time in the sand....is a paddle really needed to ride out there? any feed back would be greatly apprecicated!!! thanks guys and have a good one....