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  1. I wired mine up as GreenRiverRider suggested, only for the right turn signal I have blu/blk as the negative... In neutral everything works fine, but when in gear the right turn signal on the dash does not light up:foul: ... can anybody help? OK... did it just as GreenRiverRider said.. cut the negative for the right turn signal and ran it to the blk/wht wire as well and now all is well. didn't need any diodes, just splicing that one wire did it for me. I'm not sure why your signals would be lighting up in gear:confused:
  2. As an sm owner I would agree with most that has been said here. It would be waay more cost effective to just do a rim & tire swap. Though I must say the sm suspension makes 1 hell of a difference on or off-road, and the large rotor has never been a problem unless you like less brake controll.
  3. :thinking:Is your chain guide or buffer worn? The chain slaps alot @ low revs, if your buffer is worn this will get pretty loud.
  4. I thought the IRC BR99's did a damn fine job in the dirt. Not the greatest for street traction, but in the dirt they hook up.
  6. Baddd Ass ... Iwanna Ride! Thanks For Sharing:applause:
  7. That Was Some Of The Gayest Shit I've Ever Seen
  8. I too went riding with leather work boots since we were "taking it easy". Ended up with 5 broken bones between the two feet and sat in a wheelchair for 2 months, now i don't even step on the bike without my 661 flight boots , which i do reccomend. not as much padding as the techs, but a little more flexible and lighter. definetly a good boot in my opinion
  9. xgx grahphics
  10. just spend less time thinking about ostriches while riding
  11. mine stalled constantly @ a constant throttle @ any rpm & sometimes while idling ....ended up being a clogged fuel cap. try riding w/out your fuel cap on & see if that cures it just a thought
  12. i find that the large rotors actually give me more precise control when braking, rather than being too much brake. its all about lever control. the hubs are identical between the s & sm models & i believe it will be much more to buy sm rims than the skinny dirt hoops. i paid 260.00 for the 18" & 21" black excell outers, bought stock S spokes & laced them up to oem hubs
  13. that was sick, i thought i rode some tight trails but not anymore please keep those coming!
  14. or, if your lazy like me, you can do it the way i said. it takes about 2 minutes & if you were worried about the legality of it, it can be re-installed in the same amount of time:excuseme:
  15. take it off! just plug the 2 hoses together where you pull them off the cannister. that filter will make your bike a b#*ch to start after dumping it. will it still be legal...probably not but...