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  1. I just had them done on my 16 kx 450 , i have had many big name companys do these forks and hands down these are the best. This weekend i let 3 of my friends ride the bike ,all own 13,14 15 kx 450s. They loved the forks .
  2. The mx tech tac R kit is hands down the best front fork i have ever ridden .
  3. 2013 kawi 450 i m a B rider just lookin for better grip and control on the hard stuff. I run the bridgestone 404 an403 tires .where would you start with the suspension?
  4. wow I guess you're right after 60 hours I think I'll turn down to put a new set of seals in a ride for another about time for some prevent maintenance
  5. 60hrs on my pc fork and they work great no seal problem .you people take a hand full of failures and make it out to some gaint problem . It take s less than 2 min to check your air before you ride .
  6. Still waitin on his paperwork that he say s he has from dave to be posted for all the world to see that would put an end to this fast no more back and forth. I see dave s piont this is not rent to own and then return it when you sell the bike or you change your mind , he did buy to sets so something had to be rite .for him to spend the money twice .
  7. Wow this is still going on would of thought something would happen by now. Well if you have the paperwork to back up what dave has said then post it for all the world to see and put an end the the round and round and back and fourth you say this dave say s that , someone has to put up or shut up . Thats all.
  8. Wow i have 54 hrs on my air forks with zero problems ,just got the extension tube from pc and it make checkin the air a snap .
  9. 30 bucks on ebay had to cut them down to size now I have to put new hose clamps on because all of them seap alittle
  10. What yearwasyou bike ? I had a tough time gettin them to fit on my 13 with the braces with the fluidynes
  11. My advice would be to you. Depending on how you run your handle bar forward or back rotate the fork tube so you can get to the air hole with out having to remove your handle bars
  12. 30 hrs on mine an there fine . Just got them back from pc and there even better now.
  13. I ride in all conditions. The chain i believe is an x- ring by Regina and its gold. 1 chain and sprocket combo per year for the last 3 years and i only change them cause it was part of my winter maintenance. Each time they had around 60 or so hours and showed little signs of wear, you had to look really hard to see anything
  14. Ironman sprocket and Regina chain hands down the best you ll go thru 5 rental set before you ware out one iron man. The new ODI bars are nice
  15. Wow ! I have been on the phone with the pc boys and they do have a good set up for the the fork .good enough to put there name on them . In the next few weeks I will send a set to them and post my review on them .