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  1. Alice Racing


    Met a couple of the American riders taking part, and despite the language barrier managed to comunicate ok. Derik Lou Chasy seemed to enjoy the Aprilia . p.s............. Britney says hi, say hello to Courtney for me.
  2. Alice Racing

    Team USA: SM des Nations???

    Changing the subject slightly.........how many are coming over for Mettet ? Its the best SM event on the planet.
  3. Alice Racing

    Cutting suspension vs. Revalve?

    Shorten the front, or run it through the clamps 30mm with bar raisers. Do not lower the rear. Darrick.....tried to ring you a couple of times.
  4. Alice Racing

    Which Slipper Clutch to get?

    KTM RFS has problems warping plates on a std clutch, never mind a slipper.
  5. Alice Racing

    Which Slipper Clutch to get?

    KTM only on the RFS,you will regret buying STM, too many problems with thin steels warping.
  6. Alice Racing

    Just ordered wheels from FactoryProRacing

    www.factorypro.com If this is the same company, they are top dollar.
  7. Alice Racing

    Fork position in tripple clamps

    The reason you need to put loads more weight on the front is because a motorcrosser is designed to glide or wheelie under power. If you can run a front roadrace wet for more than one race on a dry track, you need more weight on the front.........a lot more ! Checkout the specs of the factory bikes, they run far less offset and far shorter wheelbases.............and as the US tracks are tight and twisty, i can't see why you don't need the same geometry ?
  8. Alice Racing

    Fork position in tripple clamps

    McKee runs his forks 35mm shorter, and up to 10mm proud in the yokes depending on the track.
  9. Alice Racing

    Fork position in tripple clamps

    Not had any involvement with Suzukis, but every other model needs more weight on the front for Supermoto, and 10 to even 30mm fork stuck through the top yoke is common. Rear shock run with very little static sag. David McKee the Irish Champion is racing one ths season, will pick his brains this weekend at the British Championship. 5mm fork adjustment through yoke is nothing, 5mm reduced offset will make a big difference............people confuse the 2.
  10. Alice Racing

    What size tube do I need???

    Its better to stretch a 16" tube than have a 17" in my opinion.