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  1. leonmx

    whut do u guys do about breaking bumps

    Use the bump to your own advantage, when it is a situation where they arn't yo chopping you can try and double them.
  2. leonmx

    electrical issues with 06 kx250f

    wow thought they might have given you the one off the bike that was on the floor
  3. leonmx

    Will 2004 Exhaust fit on 2006?

    it will fit
  4. leonmx

    04, 05, 06 Top end parts?

    no. pistons are all diffrent they look the same but they arnt
  5. leonmx

    How is everybody likeing their 06 kxf250's

    simply awsum
  6. leonmx

    06' cam specs no differen't

    hurry up lol im picking mine up in 15 mins