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  1. solm1

    rear pegs

    What they are calling the Dual Sport Has the Rear Pegs, It's Blue, The Yellow E's have all the enduro stuff, and go harder (stock) but dont have rear pegs..
  2. solm1

    Trivia Question: ON ANY SUNDAY II

    I had a pair of mainly plastic boots.. I think they were called " Vendramini"
  3. solm1

    rear pegs

    gettin desperate to find a decent set of pegs, the kids are drivin me crazy.............
  4. solm1

    2006 Drz's

    in Aust. its a 250 restriction for leraners and P. Plates
  5. solm1

    rear pegs

    if i cant use the pegs off a S model, do you know who makes/sells a aftermarket set of pegs?
  6. solm1

    breaking in / running in

    the hard breakin method.. is that the "Break In Secrets" mentioned above?
  7. solm1

    breaking in / running in

    whats the general opinion of the best way to give a new bike its best start in life..????
  8. solm1

    rear pegs

    looks like that may be a way to do it..looks pretty neat to me.. does anyone know if the rear pegs off a drz400 duaL Sport can be adapted to a 400E
  9. solm1

    rear pegs

    Does anyone have any info on fitting rear pegs to a DRZ400E, how to do it &/or where to get them from.. Cheers..