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  1. turbodave

    Help! Dead x250l

    IT'S ALIVE!!!! Thanks to all your helpful suggestions and the wiring diagram from TMZ I was able to find a wiring problem in the ignition circuit. Back in buisness on the second kick. Thanks VERY much for your assistance! Dave
  2. turbodave

    Help! Dead x250l

    Thanks for the help everyone. Hopefully I can get to it next weekend and let you know of the solution. Thanks VERY much Dave
  3. turbodave

    Help! Dead x250l

    Help! My new to me, 94 xr250l died on the way home today. It was if the key was turned off. Checked for gas , ok. After changing the plug, it appears that I'm not getting spark.(I should be able to see spark when kicking it over, correct?) My manual hasn't arrived yet, so I pretty much in the dark. Is there a common ignition failure? Is there a wiring diagram online? Google was unsuccessful. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Dave
  4. turbodave

    New to me xr250l

    Thanks for the info! Off to order a chain and sprockets. Dave
  5. turbodave

    New to me xr250l

    ramz: In that case I'll go with fork oil. Thanks Dave
  6. turbodave

    New to me xr250l

    deeman: Thanks for the info. Rocky shows combo kits for xr250r, I assume that my L is the same? Thanks Dave
  7. turbodave

    New to me xr250l

    I just got a 94 xr250l that is in need of a little TLC(OK a LOT of TLC). I need to replace both sprockets and the chain. Suggestions on what chain and where to order it would be most appreciated. Thanks Dave
  8. turbodave

    fork oil 250L

    So the consensus is ATF? Any brand in particular? How much in each leg? (I just got the bike (94 xr250l) and haven't got a manual yet. Thanks Dave