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  1. mxwombat

    xr250 baffle

    I found a quick way to do it as long as you don't mind damaging the stock baffle. Use a slide hammer. Find a large nut that fits the end of the threaded rod on the slide hammer and zap (weld) the nut on the end of the baffle. I just held the spark arrestor in a vise and worked the baffle out using the slide hammer in a few seconds. Could use some spray lubricant first to try and free things up before pulling it. If you don't have these tools, take it to a garage - they should have a slide hammer, etc. Literally, the whole operation took 5-10min.
  2. mxwombat

    SRC fork brace xr250

    I'll try SRC again - thanks for the info. Naz88 - my XR is a 2001. I'll add it soon to the garage, just finished some aftermarket parts on it...
  3. mxwombat

    SRC fork brace xr250

    I actually found it on 'craigslist' - city specific site for everything used. Just came up on a random search for the SRC brace. They are pretty pricey new from SRC. I got the brace, mudskins and fork guards for $75.
  4. mxwombat

    SRC fork brace xr250

    I bought a used SRC brace online and i've read that the fender should be cut out using a template. I've emailed SRC to see if i could get a template scanned/emailed or faxed but no response...Just wondered if anyone saved their template or could provide dimensions? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Looking for a vesco-style or clarke plastic desert tank for my '74 XL250. Thanks, Brian.