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  1. stinkyhelmet

    installing new chain, CS, rear cog this weekend

    thanks Icelander.
  2. I am going to install new chain, CS, rear cog this weekend. Anything else I should do or inspect while in there? Thanks. -Mike
  3. stinkyhelmet

    How Hot?

    tubbytwo almost beat me to it......who the heck STILL wears clothing that can actually melt? It it is 90 out, you got to go with some natural fibers :-)
  4. stinkyhelmet

    Should I keep modding (for street worhyness) or sell?

    For those of you that have 16s on front or smaller than 42 in back (someone here posted he has a 39), do you really have to give it some gas from a stand still to not stall?
  5. stinkyhelmet

    speedo light ?

    on my 2003, there is a light. It inserts into the backside of the speedo and is easily replaced. Take a lookey and see if yours has one.
  6. stinkyhelmet

    Self customized seat

    Will a standard staple gun work or do you need a super duper heavy duty industrial one?
  7. stinkyhelmet

    650 doesn't like the cold

    I live at 5300 ft and like adams' moto, mine likes it better when it is cold....more oh two. Rode to work the last couple of days....20s in the a.m.....no problem except that someone stuffed a pig into my moto that only squeals when I start the moto
  8. stinkyhelmet

    speedo unit for DR650 supermoto - Southland Cycle Center

    I'm using stock dr650 hubs and laced Excel 17" rims to them. Without the recalibrated speedo, I was going 100 mph on my commute to work. Now I have a better idea of my real speed.
  9. Got my speedo unit in the mail from Southland Cycle Center (www.southlandcyclesuzuki.com) in CA. They take a stock unit for the drz400sm and machine a spacer so that it fits on the axle of the dr650.....nice. Spoke to Mark a couple weeks ago. He had no parts but took down my number. He called be back this Saturday and asked if I still wanted one. Said yes and it showed up on Wednesday. $80 + $6 shipping. Now I have the stock speedo for my stock wheels and this new speedo for my supermoto wheels Great service, decent price....good experience. I recommend these guys.
  10. stinkyhelmet

    trickle charger for dr650

    I just bought a trickle charger to put on my 650. The instructions say to attach "red" lead.....but the wires on the charger are black and black w/ white stripe...no red Which one is positive....all black or black/white? Thanks. -Mike
  11. stinkyhelmet

    push starting a dr650 - tips?

    Was working on the moto (2003 dr650) yesterday and must have left the key in park when I quit for the night. I tried push starting it in 2nd and 3rd but each time the rear wheel would lock up and skid. I was trying to get to work and was getting all sweaty and tired from running up and down the street The nearest hill is half a mile away Any tips on how to push start a dr650? What gear? Throttle? Etc? Thanks. -Mike
  12. stinkyhelmet

    **** Wrong Excel?!?

    Erik, I scored a used front hub/rotor from this forum for about $80 and a used rear hub/rotor/cush drive from advrider.com for around $125. I was going to go with Wheel Wright for $500 rims and spokes plus about $150 for lace & true plus around $40 for shipping.http://www.wheelwrightusa.com/html/rims___spokes.html I had been in contact with Woody's and asked them if they could come close to what Wheel Wright was charging. They offered $700. They are local to me so I dropped the hubs off on a Saturday and had the wheels Monday of the 2nd week.....less than 10 days. I like giving my business to local business. So for a little over $900 I got some sweet wheels . Woody appears to be a bit of a celebrity over on advrider.com....even has his own thread http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145899
  13. stinkyhelmet

    **** Wrong Excel?!?

    Here are mine laced to stock hubs. The spoke holes do have to be drilled to match the angle of the spokes coming off the hubs. Woody's Wheelworks in Denver did mine.
  14. stinkyhelmet

    DR650 speedo drive

    hmmmm, that drz400sm speedo unit is $57 in the Suzuki catalog....
  15. stinkyhelmet

    Lookey my new wheels.....

    ...some supermoto wheels for my DR650. I now have dedicated dirt wheels and road wheels. Scored some used stock hubs for a good price and had them laced to 4.25 and 3.5 Excel rims. Had Woody's Wheelworks in Denver do it for me. One week turnaround time Got home and installed some Michelin Pilot Powers. I am telling you, installing road tires is cake compared to dirt tires . However, I only have a bicycle pump at home and was not able to get the bead to set on the rear wheel after pumping it up to 40 psi even after inflating/deflating several times.......picture a sweaty furious monkey humping a bicycle pump . On the other hand, I probably lost a couple pounds in sweat. I'll swing by the gas station today and use their air hose and see if 100 psi will seat that bastage Too impatient to wait for the rear wheel so I put the front wheel on....D606 17" rear and slick 17" front...pretty goofy looking....and rode it around the block. Much quicker handling.....can't wait to get that back wheel on and tear it up