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  1. I Have An 06 250f In Nj Asking 4200. Real Low Hours
  2. is that a longer shock or stock length. thanks
  3. Wonderin what extended swingarms you guys are runnin and if you went with a long shock or just the stock length thanks for the help. im lookin at the sano or sik standard shock extended swingarm
  4. Has anyone done the sano extened swingarm with a stock length shock or the sik racing? is it worth it or just do the long travel extended swingarm. any other suggestions for other brands let me know
  5. i can promise you there is not $1600 worht of mark up in dirtbikes. after the dealer gets done paying freight there is more like 600
  6. well you wont have to worry about it being a bad wrist pin bearing since it doesn't have one. bring it to a shop or your dealer. how many hours are on the motor. does the noise pickup as the revs come up or does it stay constant. the more you run it the worse it will get so bring it in now
  7. they arent coming with a 20 in front wheel that is an option where did you get that info from????????/
  8. shouldnt you be maybe runnin something with a little more octane then pump. if you have a high comp piston or any real motorwork i would consider cutting it with race fuel
  9. grommet faces the motor it was in backwards. kinda a dead giveaway that minutes after an oil change the bike locks up. sorry to here about ur loss
  10. moose racing has universal pipe guards. contact your local parts unlimited dealer. they are available in 6 and 8 inch lengths
  11. from the dealer point of view come in to my shop tell me you have a problem with a bike or part that you purchased from the internet and ill tell you to start firin off some emails your on your own. bring it back to where you bought it even if it is 1000 mikes away
  12. i was off for about 3 weeks there real painful if you dont let them heal all the way and the rebreak reak easy. give it time
  13. Fairway Honda in Somers Pt NJ. Best mechanics around real friendly
  14. yes moose racing has one. just go to your local parts unlimited dealer. i have one in my 06 250f
  15. funny ktm racer didnt realize this bike had rockers. but yeah guess your the expert