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  1. churchman2003c

    Looking to buy back my 2007 DR650

    My DR650 (FMF pipe, Corbin seat)was bought by someone in Humboldt. I live in Sacramento. Are you willing to sell it back to me or trade for my Versys? Thanks, Troy (916) 548-2617
  2. churchman2003c

    On the fence about a Corbin seat?

    I've got an '07 also and I'm very happy with the Corbin seat.
  3. churchman2003c

    Solo DR

    I too sold my wee strom for the DR and I've never been happier except for the stock tires.
  4. churchman2003c

    Folding rear brake lever for DR650?

    Ok, I haven't posted in awhile, so now that I have some time after being spit off my DR650 in the dirt I have a question. Does somebody make a folding rear brake lever? Mine is bent back rearward all the way to the case. But the DR is fine everywhere else and I am just sore all over. Cause of the crash? My stupidity and going too fast on THE@#$% stock tires!
  5. churchman2003c

    power difference between dr650 & xr650l

    I just had my bike dynoed with DJ Stage 1, snorkelectomy, and FMF Q2 pipe and it came to 36 horsies. I had the bike shop do the jetting and they didn't get it quite right- at about 60mph when I give it alot of gas it cuts out. They put a DJ needle in with 150 main, any ideas? I'm at about 25 feet above sea level. I had a '93 XRL650 with Big Gun quiet pipe and so far it feels like the Honda has the power edge; we'll see when I get the jetting right. The Honda was twitchy on the freeway; the Suzuki is smooth. In the dirt I think the Honda was a little more dirt worthy, but not a whole lot.
  6. churchman2003c

    engine movement

    In addition to what's been said, if it's a new chain they do stretch a little bit.
  7. churchman2003c

    Corbin seat for Dr 650?

    I've got an '07 650 with a Corbin seat- big comfort improvement! I ordered mine from Corbon's website, gave them my height and weight, ordered the "Asphalt" texture, and it showed up at my door within about two weeks. Installation was easy- take off brackets from stock seat and install them on the Corbin and you're set.
  8. churchman2003c

    Thumpertalk Store???

    I bought a skid plate for my '07 DR650 from the TT store- good price, quick delivery and no $10 surcharge.
  9. churchman2003c


    I had MT21's on my XR650; they were good in the dirt and not too bad on the street (they would "gently" start sliding if you tried to roadrace around a street corner). I may try some on my DR650 soon.
  10. churchman2003c


    I have an FMF Q2 and like Sandblaster said, it's pretty quiet unless you really get on the gas. I like the weight savings too!
  11. churchman2003c

    Fork springs

    I've got the progressive springs from Dual Star, used about 1/2" pvc spacer and they are a little stiffer than stock for me. In other words just about right for my #230 lbs; mostly street riding.
  12. churchman2003c

    How stupid am I?- dual star heat grips

    I just installed the heated grips on my DR650 and it went pretty easy except WHO WAS THE !@##$%^& IDIOT AT THE FACTORY WHO WELDED ON THE THROTTLE SIDE GRIP!!!!!!!!! And one more thing- I checked with a couple of dealers to buy a new throttle tube and they come with the grip bonded on #$#$%^&(.!
  13. churchman2003c

    No longer lurking...

    Greetings to you from California and Merry Christmas! You can't go wrong with a DR650........
  14. churchman2003c

    Corbin seat?

    I just got my Corbin in asphalt black (rough texture) and it seems to be a little lower seat height. At the very front mine is narrow and as far as stiffness goes Corbin explains this in its faqs section.
  15. churchman2003c

    I need a new tank.

    I had an XR650L with a 4 gallon Clarke and never noticed the gas sloshing around when it got low. The bike definitely felt lighter with less gas.